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Motivation Cuppa- Don't underrate 'STRUGGLES'.

Dear Words,

I am struggling and I am new. Everyday tracking of page views, Google AdSense & affiliate account earning (if any), umpteen social media accounts, followers and following, stumbling and pinning, posting and reposting, Facebook groups and their admin, gaining entry and getting blocked, FB pages and no.of likes,  and the list is endless. I am overwhelmed by the vastness of this world. I am out of breath already. Collapse I may anytime or quit. Should I?

When I see myself in the ocean that I am in, I feel scared. There are so many people writing so good, blogging so well, skillful and artful, earning and thriving. And here I am scrambling to survive. When I quit my corporate career to follow 'WORDS' I was unsure if I am doing the right thing. I followed 'WORDS' and I am still unsure if I am doing the right thing. Everyday a new revelation, a new learning and a new lesson. It's when you see millions of people who have been there, done that, you question y…

Meaningful Parenting- Being smart never goes out of fashion.

I shivered reading Michelle Obama's words
"I never cut class. I loved getting A's, I liked being smart. I liked being on time. I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world."
The words echoed as I felt goosebumps on my body. My heart shriveled up as if aching from an old pain and my mind raced fast. I know what it means to cut class. I know what it entails to chase cuteness. I know how it feels to get an A. And I now know that being smart never goes out of fashion. It's the safest bet actually.
When I was in high school, I was a victim of the 'cute syndrome'. I was all of 16 and there is something about being 16. There is so much going inside and then there is a threshold that you never get to know when you have crossed or not. There is a big ' YES' your heart says for every 'NO' that your mind says and you oscillate like a pendulum. I surrendered to many YES’s only to realize later that I lost out on class, grades, and A's.…

Meaningful Parenting- Painting. What does the canvas teach?

To paint is to create a whole new world on a blank sheet. The world which can be as beautiful as you want or as real as you see around. What you paint speaks volume about you. I love painting autumn trees. There is some tranquility in knowing that everything comes to an end and fresh beginnings happen. It's calming to know - 'this too shall pass'. The only words which make you smile amidst sorrow and be grounded when riding high on success. The only words capable of keeping the 'honsla'( strength) and 'umeed' (hope) alive, kicking, breathing and thriving.
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Motivation Cuppa- The sky is blue everywhere.

Dear The USA, Is your sky blue? Or is it pink? Yes! Some people are very smart in life. They know the sky is blue wherever you go.I had read it too, knew it all along but somewhere I had a mini-me who believed that only my country has a blue sky.

I belong from a small but a throbbing town in India- Bokaro, famous for its Steel Plant where my father worked…all his life. I had the best of education what my dad could provide, and my competence could gather. 30 years I spent in India going through the usual rigmarole of life. Class 12th, then Bachelor's, then Master’s and then some decent job, the crazy independence, tequila shots and tandoori chicken, best friends, funny infatuations and serious heartbreaks.

Alongside was a mini-me, which remained inside, but fluttered creatively. Of all that appeared logical, rationale and ‘common sense,' this mini-me defied all of them. No wonder I had this silly feeling somewhere deep down that only India has blue sky.

Has anyone gone through this…

Motivation Cuppa- Jealousy, Envy and us.

I had read somewhere that jealousy is a great teacher. It teaches you the kind of person you want to become, the kind of things you want in your life and the kind of relationship you yearn for.
For we are only jealous of someone when that 'OTHER' has what we don't have but WE WANT TO  HAVE.
That is the long and short of it.
Is there a problem being envious or jealous? Yes and No. Yes because it is a negative emotion so it makes you feel unpleasant. You can feel unpleasant to the extent that it attacks your self-esteem. You keep thinking about it, brooding I must say and the circle is vicious as you feel as if you have it none and that other has it all.
No, because it is human and normal and natural. It's innate, instinctive and to an extent essential. We have it, it's there. It happens to all of us. Some hide it, some feign it otherwise and some have it on open display. 
The problem is not in being jealous or envious. The problem is in letting it rule over your head and h…

Chirp- A note from a fellow traveller

It's a rough road. This road that people call life.
It's strewn with hard rocks that burn under a merciless sun. You may need to run over them bare feet, to escape the heat of the stones. 
When it rains the same stone, turn slippery and you have to tread so carefully lest you slip.
And this road ends sometimes abruptly and you are on a slope that merges into the valley below and you walk in the wonder of the beauty, especially if the valley is being kissed by a setting sun.
And suddenly a stream cuts across the expanse of ground. Sparkling water. 
And you stop by its side, bend, and scoop the crystal clear water and drink, to quench a thirst that you did not know you had. You wash your hands and face and think it is heaven. 

But you leave the stream, which does not even become a memory and move on...

Why Motivation Cuppa?

Motivation cuppa is about musing and amusing found in a regular, everyday life. Small or big, a regular life is abundant with experiences which make one stop, think, smile and move on.

Humor or a paradox, satire or a twist, a wit or a jibe, playful or silly, jolly or laughable... it's everything worth stopping by or letting our daily ordinary, typical, run-of-the-mill existence...

Motivation Cuppa is about these very moments here and there and the motivation we draw from our ordinary, prosaic existence. It's about learning to look at life beyond imperfections. Savour it with your favourite cuppa of coffee or chai.

CHIRP-- Do you have a bucket? If not, do you still die well?

Cult films which ensured we bought that 'bucket'.

To the not so knowledgeable, The Bucket List is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Bob Reiner.It's about two teminally ill men on a road trip to fulfill their wish list.
You knew about this? May be yes may be no.But everybody seems to have it, either original or copied from someone. It makes one look all too KOOL and the ones who don't have it to look like FOOLS. If I get it right, it’s all copied. The idea, the trend and the list. ;)
A trend that started a decade back or not really remember if it was there around DDLJ and KKHH times. To the non-Bollywood types - it's the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayegein and Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Yes, we sometimes refer to that era by these names.
And post then everyone has a bucket list and there are two things pretty much everyone wants to do- adventure and travel. It's become a life ka 'sawaal' now. You don't die well if you haven't done rafti…

CHIRP- A Facebook group dicussion leads to interesting revelations. A journey of unfliching devotion to family.


A Facebook post of a woman and her  momentary self-doubt( I wonder why people don't respect SAHM?) which is all too natural gave way to a raging debate and fierce battle only to leave some with hurt feelings, scratched self-respect and bruised ego. Working mums defended their stand and Stay at home mums tried to save theirs. Did they forget that they are one and the same?
I was a part of it and I watched what transpired amongst 250 women when their status-quo was challenged.
This I guess is the new debate considering many of women have primarily been SAHM(Stay-at-Home-Mums). It’s now for the past two decades that the ‘working mums’ are also constituting a big part of the woman population and hence comes the divide, each mum being territorial in holding her front ensuring 'NOBODY CROSSES THE FENCE'. But fences did get crossed and what was said is not as important what was not said.
Respond vs React- When …

Motivation Cuppa- Thinking about your EX?

Scene 1 A warm cozy lazy evening a wife wrapped around the arms of her husband and sipping wine Some thoughts strike her and she turns around, caresses his brows and asks- "Do you ever remember 'her'?" Husband - "No." Wife- "Liar." ...and life goes one.... lovemaking goes on.
Scene 2 A warm cozy lazy evening a wife wrapped around the arms of her husband and sipping wine Some thoughts strike her and she turns around, caresses his brows and asks- Do you ever remember 'her'? Husband- Yes, I do sometimes. Wife-Whatttttt???? Cheater. Husband- "But, but, but......................" And life gets bumpy and lovemaking gets grumpy.

Scene 3