Covidiary- I feel lonely with the Virus.

Literature, on its own, I wonder can change anything? The qwerty key could be mightier than the virus( isn’t that the most potent weapon available) but words alone don’t bring change. People do. Hence I write. Though, as I write, the word ‘change’ rushes adrenaline into my system so fast that I am ready to vomit.
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The clouds were full of ink and the beach was dead silent except for the gentle waves which didn't seem to care much. The shower came almost in a hurry, rain falling in wild anarchy, the gusting wind carrying them in wild swirls one moment, a straight downpour in another and diagonal slaps the very next. I deserved it. Every bit. He was disappointed in me...I had failed him.
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Parent's Locker Room

"I slip inside my house, shivering. Hmmm, so they were boyfriend and girlfriend, in love. At 17, life presents itself hormonally. Later, it starts demanding money and love is the first thing to go out of the window, I try not to conclude with the last gulp of my now cold tea. Later that night, a mortified mom’s frantic call keeps me awake- she found her daughter, a 6th grader, watching pornography. Browsing history leaves her feeling devastated and broken."
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Bloody Rascals

Carrying them in the blue dustpan, I try to pronounce the word ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification’ wondering where to fit it. The word might be difficult to pronounce but that is exactly what everyone has been trying to do with me…Bloody rascals

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"During 9th-grade final exams, I memorized the questions which you had divulged to losers like us to ensure we got a passing mark.  Why memorized? Don’t know. Just did.  I could manage only the first sheet of the question paper, the last two sheets reserved exclusively for Gargi Vishwanathans of the world who had by now created a deep chasm between the intellectuals and the dunce. The former mingled with their pride and the losers hung together like a herd. It was a hard law of the world I learned: knowing only winners and losers."

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This feels great

Thank you Readers. 
Thank you Readers
...and when you rule the year itself

I know what God looks like

Who does that? Why should anyone do that? Huh! We finally have a face to the GOD we all believe in, whom we never got to see in real life otherwise. A thank you looks just so short and brief, almost disappearing before it appears, nonetheless, the feeling of indebtedness continues.

Did we get it wrong all along? 

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