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Meaningful Parenting- Forget happiness, focus on your career.

I read a mind-boggling story of a parent who wants IIT coaching tips for a 10-Year-Old. 2015 survey done by HSBC showed that 51% of Indian parents wanted successful careers for their children. They chose a successful career over the happiness and health of their children. Good? Bad? Ugly?  In a country plagued by poverty and everyday fight for basics, the results are not surprising.  A country where  Nine-year-old Pinki Paharin who lives in an isolated tribal village in Chuha Pahar, situated atop the Rajmahal Hills in Sahebganj district of Jharkhand, hunts for rats, squirrels, and rabbits to eat...the results are not surprising. Do we blame parents for the choices they make for their children? Not everyone has the option to make a choice.  Or maybe there is always a choice. Sometimes one is not courageous enough to live with the consequenc