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Over a cup of tea!

September is an impish month when summer and autumn play cat and mouse. One time a dollop of hot glow, another time, a dash of cool breeze. In the half-asleep morning, I teeter myself to the stove to make tea - a brown liquid in a brown ceramic pan, sweetened with brown sugar and just then, it goes- the electricity. I stand still, stare, blink and wonder how to jumpstart the morning when the battery has died? The body moves, but the brain lingers near the stove, holding the saucepan half filled with water. And so the next two hours go by doing the usual and mundane the one he and I have been doing nonstop for years two unpoised performers filled with exasperation- bathing the children, school uniforms, chobani and bananas, water bottles, and goodbyes. Two hours later, the electricity is back, and I hasten toward the stove Just then, he calls — my husband. He inquires about me and the tea "Common, you anyways had it in office, imagine me," I gripe "It&#