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MISSTEP- One wrong step, a lifetime of remorse.

“Oh! So, your son was in an extramarital affair?” Naina's voice quivered at the very mention of the word.

“Ouch! That word sounds so painful but yes! And my daughter-in-law discovered and attempted suicide too.”
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I am Sorry ...But

I regret choosing love over my father’s dreams
Then what? I met this amazing man during the first year of college and tossed my dreams, like a paper ball and threw it out of the hostel room window, losing myself between the sheets. To read the winning blog for #NoRegrets Blogathon presented by Harper Collins and Women's Web click I am Sorry But....
Disclaimer- This story has a semblance to people living or dead but why should that matter.
I met her on a train journey a few years back.
I met her on Cathay Pacific airlines during a trip to Hong Kong.
I met her during a cruise vacation to the Royal Caribbean.
I met her on the road, in the parking lot, on the pathway.
I met her yesterday, I met her 13 years back.
She is here and she is there and she is nowhere, yet she is everywhere.

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Have you ever thought of escaping to Hawaii or the Bahamas in search of some peace, freedom and fresh air and realize later, while lying on the golden sandy beach that you have carried your miserable self along or the present is not delighting you the way you expected?
I am not the exotic type, I have no big plans of travelling around the world, soaking on a beach in the Caribbean, hiking the world's most famous canyon, exploring ancient ruins, eating delicious cuisine or learning more about a significant historical  site. If I bump into them, I will pause, wonder , smile and move on. If I don't , I am FINE. My biggest vacation is freedom from my mind and the voices it creates, a kind of freedom which turns my patio with five green plants into Hawaii.
Do you believe that true freedom is freedom from oneself? Whoa...Chills,chills,chills....And that is so true. I have come to realize that of many things that upset me, of many things that push and prick me, it is my own self that …

My Father in-law's kurta

My FIL knows I like wine and had his health and family allowed him, I am sure he and I would be all ‘CHEERS’. My husband’s family is a teetotaler except for my FIL.  He enjoys omelette treats with me on the terrace( that’s the only place we can cook the forbidden) and even secretly supplies me ‘tangdi kebab’ knowing very well that my ‘tangdi’ and his would be in trouble if ‘The House’ got to know about it. But he has me covered in his own special way. Thank god for small mercies.

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Color Color which Color do you choose?

"Maa, Indian or American is not the question anymore. Come out of the tombs in Agra. The world has changed and we need to keep up the pace.” Naina lamented on the WhatsApp video call while letting out a big yawn. “Wait, let me get some tea for myself.” “Nainu, you listen to me. Whatever you say, do not compromise on Pihu’s Indian values. You and Shubham chose to settle in America much to our displeasure. Now, don’t play with Pihu’s life,” Amma complained.
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He smiled and handed it back to her, “I love this hot pink Maa. Do you think Draupadi would like hot pink? I forgot to tell you...I am playing Draupadi in our college production... rehearsals started a week back." “Oh! That’s nice. When is the program?” she asked. “On the day of Diwali. The team thought I could really do well as Draupadi. You know I have those adaayein Maa,” Arjun threw his hand over his bosom, lowering his eyelids with coyness of a girl.
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The weight on my breasts.

"When I was growing up, YOU had a problem with my gender, then my complexion, then the small size of my breast , then my height, later my puberty, then college choice, career choice, choice of friends, hair on my armpits, choice of what I wear, choice of what I don’t wear, choice of hair and habits, choice of the short skirt and stilettos, body-hugging tee, amount of words I spoke, hand gestures, loud voice, mannerisms , boldness, places I visited, the time I visited, why I visited and with whom, my red lipstick to my nose stud, my beer and my sex on the beach, my religion, rituals I follow, fasting’s that I do not do, one leg anklet that I am in love with, the cuss words that I speak or do not speak…basically, my very existence."

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Life Calling

“What’s the difference Naina? I understand your pain. But people make a living because it is important to live life.” “I am making more than a living Chandana. it’s just that I find it all meaningless… an emptiness where I am all about numbers, targets, awards, promotions, pay package, a kind of excess which is making me unhappy. I think I am missing out on life?” “And what exactly is that?” “I am not sure; can’t put my finger on it and say- this is it, but I know that the abundance that I have is not making me happy. It doesn’t give me joy.”
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Phew! From the diary of an obsessive thinker

"I see her again and I feel the envy rise. 120 seconds before I had decided not to ever visit her Facebook profile, exactly 120 seconds later my mind forces me, and I read her new post, actually old for me, it has been 16 hours since she posted, and I have visited, read, re read, processed it 16000 times. With father and son on a camping trip over the weekend, I am drowning in the company of happy faces on Facebook.   FB ruined me, almost literally. If I had the powers, I could get the owners of FB arrested for unleashing a heinous social crime on us. Or is it just me? May be, just me. My mind cannot stop. I need to see a shrink."
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"The other day, the doctor ordered a stool test, then concluded that I have to give up the yogurt, lactose intolerance or some shit like that to get the shit out of me. They say one way would be to throw the yogurt and start afresh."
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In the Business of Life

My most precious Gratitude,
Your accent, your dialect, your jargon, your lingua franca is difficult to decrypt, decipher and understand. I have struggled all my life and realize that you can only be felt. I read somewhere today that you are dying a silent death. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that you choose to live in me. Is there something special about my heart or is it my stubbornness that I don’t let you go?
Either ways, I am happy. You see, you have kept me right where I belong- ON THE GROUND, IN DUST. I started a life with my parents where we were always ‘IN- NEED’. A humble life brings in its own grand challenges and turmoil. I hated the thriftiness then, despised the frugality which enveloped my life and once even thought of stealing a Barbie from a friend’s house because I didn’t have one. You saved me then. But I didn’t thank you. You see then, my eyes could only see that much.
Later, life blessed me with abundance, beyond my appetite, my needs, and my survival. You …

May your 2019 fly like Bugatti Chiron @261 MPH !!!


And to top it all, rule your thoughts with tyranny and dictatorship. I have never seen a worse master than our THOUGHTS. You let it loose and it rains mayhem. Make it your slave, choose the thoughts that facilitate your well – being. You leave the gate opened and serpents will enter your living room, pull out your favorite wine, take control over your TV and have merriment at your expense. CHOOSE WHAT YOU THINK AND THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

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Gujiya- The roads never end.

It is another thing that you do not want to look at the one opening in front of you, that you are not able to gather courage to take that first step, that you are so attached to your previous road that you do not find any other road worth it. Click on the link to read the winning story-----------

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“Happiness is a choice Naina. Comparison is a choice. Making a choice is a choice. I am just trying to get across one point Naina. CHOOSE. Is it so difficult to not look at others? Are you so unoccupied and if that is the case Naina Roy, I Sanjukta Sircar will tell you the biggest secret why I choose to work till now. An empty mind was a devil’s workshop and continues to be so. Social Media has added to the power of this demon. If you do not have something productive to do, find one, start one. It requires one to be brave because we love our comfort zone. It is the best place to settle in but it soon starts rotting and decaying and you have to get out of it. That, undoubtedly calls for some effort and courage which you have shown. To me you are a bright kid and your start –up looks like a great idea. What is the problem then? Your friends and their FB posts? Delete your FB account if you cannot handle it.
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Just living is not enough.

Both came from small towns, Durgapur and Lucknow respectively, and both placed their career chart much above the marriage kundli and the ‘chattis gun’.
7th August 2018 “Naina, come on in. Congratulations. How does it feel? I am so happy for you. You deserve every bit of it” said Chandana, the 42-year-old, Director, Marketing, Xerox India, rising from her seat, hugging Naina as she entered her room. “You are the Virat Kohli of my team,” she added patting Naina’s back and pulling a chair for her.
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FB , FB on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

The festival of Diwali came, saw, and conquered not only the atria and the ventricles but also, OUR BODY. Resplendent in all glory, we ditched our inhibition and shopped like there was no tomorrow, sparkled like diamonds and moissanites and posted like an octopus with many hands; all of them working synchronously. Yes, this festival makes you feel like a whole enchilada and satiated. The 'oohs ' and 'aah' of friends and frenemies over the 'Sabyasachi' in all of us ensured we have enough in our pantry to last a year, until next Diwali. Facebook was on a rampage and I loved the overflowing 'likes' and 'hearts' moving around. At age 35, neither too young nor too old, just in the middle, these 'likes and hearts' matter. Even more if you are a MUM.That’s important because the world is cautious about a woman's age and the tag ‘MUM’ changes the way people look and perceive you.

People don't compliment me often, courtesy- ME. I wonder wha…