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Where did the shopkeeper go?

A refreshing read of the Harvard Business Review recent article dilated my pupil. What? Are the stores going to disappear? Will the landscape of shopping change forever? Will there be no more shopping centers? Why? I haven't been more intrigued, fascinated, and skeptical (yeah! all at the same time) about technology than right now. Possibilities are endless; advantages are primarily twofold- saving time and saving effort, making you more effective, efficient, and adding convenience to life. Cliche, but technology has transformed our lives in ways we had never imagined. Interestingly, we are cashing it all. Also, being without it is neither feasible nor desirable. It's embedded in the world we inhabit. Our sensory experiences are vacating life to make room for virtual reality. And shopping is just one of them. The landscape of shopping has changed. The article reveals new advents and how our lives are going to be further revolutionized. From Amazon to Ikea to Sep