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A Human Mom

"But she loved and loved in her own way. I realized it four years back when I became a mom. I realized every bit, tracing every day of my journey being raised by her. I accept that there is no one way to love, that just because I am a mom does not place me next to god( honestly, I would like to stay away from that altar), that I have thousands of faults and craters within me, lava too and many times I can be all imperfect and yet love my child. You cannot question or suspect or interrogate my love for my child JUST BECAUSE I AM A HUMAN MOM." Click on  My Human Mom  to read the complete story. Image courtesy-Pixabay

Raising Socially Responsible Children

The bigger question bombarding in my mind --- Is it essential to experience the dark to inculcate Empathy? Yes, values are taught by parents, best when experienced, but every experience doesn't translate into an 'imbibed value' 'well-lived. ' Do education and indirect exposure to the dark side of life help in creating the service-oriented mindset?  Click on  Raising a Socially Responsible Child  to read the full article. This article was featured on Mompresso as #BlogOfTheDay. Image Courtesy-Pixabay.

But why FUSS over motherhood?

My mother never thumped her chest for all that she did. I don't want chest-thumping either.  My bad, I don't get this. Platonic, joyous, blessed, and much more. When it comes to motherhood, the more adjectives, the better. Unconditionally loving, unconditionally caring till her last breath and even after, I guess, the more such attributes for a MOTHER, the better. Mother’s Day to every day celebrating motherhood, the world is lapping up every opportunity to say - MOMS ARE THE BEST. Well, they are. So? What's the glorification about? Our moms (baby boomers or early generation X) had 2-3 children, some even 4 for some blessed ones. They conceived, delivered, breastfed, cooked, cared, washed, cleaned, organized, cooked again, cleaned again, and fall asleep tired and exhausted only to wake up at 5 am or 6 am again and start the grind. They too had dreams, few were career women, and many were Staying at home but never brooding, complaining or depressing,