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Meaningful Parenting- The first five years to the five senses-Part 2

Dear Technology, Do what you can but don’t take away from me the simple pleasures of life. Be a part of my life but don’t engulf me for I made you and not the other way around. From- A Parent. There are certain guidelines which we should keep in mind while regulating the use of the screen in our life and our child’s life. Before the age 5 - Let the child explore his senses and learn by experience. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) was very strict saying NO to any screen time before the age of 2. Post that the screen time should not exceed 2 hours. Around October 2015, it further relaxed its guidelines and asks parents to keep it at the minimum and when exposed, to focus on the quality of the content and focus on interaction and learning. Scientists say that the best way to learn something is to take it in through multiple senses at the same time. Learning rhymes and enjoying Music - Is there a better singer for an infant or a toddler than th

Meaningful Parenting- The first five the five senses - Part 1

Have you ever been with your phone on your favorite spot...sorry I meant pot? If Yes, then continue reading. A debate too old, a concern as fresh as ‘NOW’. Life today is all ‘SCREEN’ and ‘SCREENED’. From electronic screen – television, smartphones, tablets, and computers to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more- we are obsessed with being screened. Screen and its influence on children have always been dialectical in nature. The issue is under more storm now because the ‘SCREEN’ has invaded us anywhere and everywhere. From us to our children, it governs us.From the office to bedroom to restrooms-its everywhere. OUR LIFE RIGHT NOW Well that looks and sounds audacious and rude and I guess ill-mannered but that's with reality. We don't like it when truth is spoken in clear terms. We live in a different world than what our parents inhabited. The basic theme is- any child will learn what you make him/her learn.   Either through

A Meaningful Life- I don't want Sunday a holiday for myself- Its not about < ,> or = in a family.

I do my bit and you do your bit. Each 'BIT' counts. Each  'BIT '  is valuable in a family. I know you are around and you know I am there...doing our 'BIT'. "My family is not my employer. My family is beyond weekdays and weekends and vacations.My family is beyond salary slips and I-cards.And what I do for my family is no 'job'. " Whatever I do for my family, I do for my 'JOY'. Trust.It gives me pure joy to see them all taken care of.  As far as my rest is concerned and their share of responsibility, I don't need a special day for it.  Their share of love, affection, and care are there for me every day.Because when I close the kitchen and switch off the light at 11 pm at night, I see my husband toiling on his con calls, his shoulders dropping with exhaustion. My 3-year-old is sleeping soundly after doing his 'clean up' of toys.  If I am doing laundry on Saturday, my husband is busy running around to get the

Nutrition and Health Nugget- HDL -The good fat needed for our body-Taking control of Cholesterol

Have you gone for a full body check up? There are four health numbers which tells us how healthy or not healthy we are. Blood Pressure-Which we have already covered in previous articles. The other three are Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and BMI or Body Mass Index. HDL-High Density Lipoprotein                        LDL-Low Density Lipoprotein HDL is good fat which should be higher than LDL. The Cholesterol and HDL ration should be The actionables in 'mindful eating ' includes - Raising HDL-Eating more fruits and vegetables and the good fat found in avocados,fish and walnuts. Incorporating these food items on a regular basis will go a long way in taking care of your heart. Fruits-Avocados,apples.(Be cautious with the serving since fruits have their portion of natural sugar too). All kinds of beans and legumes(Kidney beans,Chickpeas,lentils,red beans,black beans etc). Whole grain anytime every time-Bread or flour. Shift from whole milk

Mindful Eating- Choco-Chip Cookies-The goodness of almonds,flax seeds and wholewheat

With my little one in life, the more the homemade the better. So myself and my husband started baking cakes and cookies and snack items for him. While they are still loaded with butter and sugar we try to add our bit of healthy ingredients and make it better for him...taste wise and health wise. This recipe is straight out of our love to let our little one munch on a whole whet cookie and not use all-purpose flour at all. Coupled with almond powder which we ground at home and ground flax seeds this cookie is a definite delight. A must try. Preparation Time-30 mins (included the time taken to shape the cookies and put them on sheet) Cook time-10 mins Total time-40-45 mins. Cuisine-Snacks Recipe-International Serves- around 35-40 cookies of medium shape. THE WHAT? Ingredients 2 cups whole wheat flour ½   cup brown sugar ½ cup unsalted butter ½   cup almond powder and flax seed powder 1tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 1 egg ½

Suryanamaskar-Zero investment, Maximum returns in 15 minutes.

A flat tummy is a joyful tummy. Being a writer-I get to sit more than I walk. :( I belong to that category of women who are a not fitness freak but fitness conscious.I prefer eating healthy, drinking healthy and staying fit and not necessarily in perfect shape. I also belong to that category of women who are forever juggling between home, work, kid, husband, friends and 'self'. Am also one of those who is addicted to 'basics’ of life and crave for simple basic things which can help.Then be it home remedies for hair growth or cold and cough or decorating the DIY way with strewn acorns or EXERCISE.I would any day choose mother earth and my body rather than hit a gym. Do I consider myself a fit person? No. But I try every day to do the right things for my body and mind and my soul too. This is one regime that I have been doing for a decade now. Of late I keep missing it because of my newfound interest in a brisk walk for 30 mins daily which burns 1