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The Corporate Mom- My bedroom is my fitting room.

A refreshing read of Harvard Business Review recent article dilated my pupil. What? Are the stores going to disappear? Will the landscape of shopping change forever? Will there be no more shopping centers? Why? I haven't been more intrigued, fascinated and skeptical (yeah! all at the same time) about technology than right now. Possibilities are endless, advantages are primarily two fold- saving time and saving effort hence making you more effective, efficient and adding convenience to life. Cliche, but technology has transformed our lives in ways we had never imagined. Interestingly, we are cashing it all. Also, being without it is neither feasible nor desirable. It's embedded in the world we inhabit. Our sensory experiences are vacating the life to make room for virtual reality. And shopping is just one of them. The landscape of shopping has changed. The article reveals new advents and how our lives are going to be further revolutionized. From Ama

A Meaningful Life- Return home by evening.

It is the way some evenings welcome themselves in our life. Some are enveloped in the shade of deep orange and some in clear blue sky with white clouds floating like cotton balls, some are wrapped in darkness with no stars to twinkle and a pale dark blue blanket all over. And, some are washed in the moonlight, shining so bright that it becomes difficult to differentiate the day from the night. In every way, evenings are my favorite. The day is too bright for me and the nights too dark. What makes me feel comfortable are the silken evenings. Or maybe there is something more to that. Evenings I guess symbolize 'return'. It's reassuring to see the birds fly back to their nest as we wait to get back to ours. The children gleefully playing in the green parks, bathed in sweat look forward to going back to their homes where their mother wait with baited breath. They shall be washed and scrubbed and made to sit and study in their warm beds. Somewhere

Meaningful Parenting- Everyone doesn't WIN.

It's life and I still feel terrible when the snake bites me( Snake & Ladder) So, there is a new concept doing rounds- "WE ALL WIN". Day- 13th July 2017- Time 5:00 pm, Place- Playground--------------A group of boys( 5- 8-year-old) caught up in a brawl over who won, I hear an 8-year-old boy chip in and say- "It's okay, we all win. Let's do it that way." I read on Whatsapp that schools are doing away with competitive races, birthday parties have done away with games which require a winner or loser and passing the parcel has become a game of - 'all win'  and 'all get gifts.' Why? When did this wave come, from where and why? While I do not have the answer to the 'when' and the 'where', I do have an understanding of the 'why'. To ensure that children don't get caught up in the winning losing equation and hence get hurt, emotionally scraped etc.  Guess, parenting comes with this ferociou