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I tweaked the way I talk to my child

How I talk to my child is different from how my father spoke to me. Am I glad that I am doing things differently? Yes. Is there a guarantee that this is the best way to talk? Is there a safety net? No. Because there is no safety net in the world for anything. Question- Can I watch TV? Now that's a deal with the devil, right? My parents- 'NO. Go and do your homework. Watching TV will not help you.' :( And all the while the TV show went on, I stared blankly at my book. I was distracted. Me to my son- 'Yes, you can, after you are done with your homework.' The addictive, immersive world of screen is no stranger. However, my constant NO's only made him immune to this word. So what message do I want to send across? Can I reword my answer and ensure that it's positive and takes care of both our interests? Besides, it also inculcates task orientation in children. Just be sure that asking your children to monitor their screen time while