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I am Applefied. I am Facebooked. I am Amazoned.

Everyone seems to be writing letters these days, so I thought I should jump the bandwagon and ‘Dell’ out my thoughts. Dear Facebook, Can you please put a restriction button on the number of 'Friends' that I can have? For example, on my birthday, some 85-people wished me (some of whom I have never met), but that day when I was sick with pneumonia, only two turned up, that also when I called them for help. So unfair. Also, can you please remove that 'Like' button? It creates anxiety if I have 1000 friends and only 30 likes come for that 'selfie’ I took near the Grand Canyon and that picture while I was cooking food in the kitchen. I deserve at least 999. Not fair again. Right? No.of Posts- A sincere request. Can we please have a restriction on the number of pictures that FB can display? I mean, 114 pictures of the engagement ceremony is a bit too much to handle. And if three ‘friends’ are getting engaged, it drowns me totally. Not to forget, there are wedding ceremoni