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From Lake County Poet Laureate's platform-National Poetry Month

  The Poet's Hat-----From Jamshedpur 3rd grade( that's when I penned my first poem) to the Poet Laureate's platform. Thank you, Lake County Poet Laureate 2020-2024 - Georgina Marie Guardado (The Bloom Literary Editor) and Jonah David Wakefield, for picking the precious poppies from the meadow of my words. This is an honor I'll remember... Click on the link to read- Unscientific and A Parallel World. Poet Laureate Georgina Marie Guardado has published two poems for National Poetry Month- The Dandelion and Over A Cup of Tea. I wrote the first under a spell of tragic optimism and the other under the spell of a power outage(so rare in the privileged life I lead.) Click on the link to savor both-