Feeling envious? Water your grass, please

"How to manage to stay so slim?  I have weight issues. You also look better. I have beauty issues. You have a good life. I have life issues."

I had read somewhere that jealousy is a great teacher. It teaches you the kind of person you want to become, the kind of things you want in your life, and the kind of relationship you yearn for.

For we are only jealous of someone when that 'OTHER' has what we don't have, but WE WANT TO  HAVE.

That is the long and short of it.

Is there a problem being envious or jealous?

Yes and No.

Yes, because it is a negative emotion, so it makes you feel unpleasant. You can feel unpleasant to the extent that it attacks your self-esteem. So you keep thinking about it, brooding, I must say, and the circle is vicious as you feel as if you have it none and that other has it all.

No, because it is human and normal and natural. It's innate, instinctive, and to an extent, essential. We have it; it's there. It happens to all of us. Some hide it, some feign it otherwise, and some have it on open display. 

The problem is not in being jealous or envious. The problem is in letting it rule over your head and heart and become your master. Feel jealous, feel envious and then STOP. Learn to MANAGE it. 


You and she are different.

Your life and her life are different.

Your blessings and her blessings are different.

If the grass on the other side looks bright green, someone is definitely watering it. You water yours. 

Gratitude is not an activity. It is a heartfelt habit. Inculcate one.

There will always be someone better than you. The race to become like someone is futile, therefore. What is the safe bet? BECOME YOURSELF.

And if there is some serious shortcoming, try to be inspired rather than leave it to just being envious. Do you want a high-flying career like hers? Then, go out and make your first move. You may be having the same talent as hers, but talent needs to work hard too. Talent needs opportunity too. Find that for yourself. 

Don't let it become an ailment for you, where all that exists is you, your insecurities, and loads of unpleasant words and feelings for that other person. Mind you - you are not going to raise yourself by putting the other person down. 

And take Facebook posts of others with a pinch of salt. 

Nobody posts pictures of the crap that happens in their life. But the fact is that shit happens, crap happens to each of us. But that shouldn't make you happy. What should put you at peace is - blessings are in everyone's life...including yours...you don't care enough to count them.

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