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Orange County Indians Holiday Meet- Solidarity, Togetherness and Celebrations

...and Phew!!! It ended. The gaiety, the merriment, a giggle here and a guffaw there, warm hugs, 'Hi, how are you?', chit chats, joshing and the color ‘RED’ tinted the OC sky with empressement of togetherness and Indian-ness at the  Orange County Indians holiday meet today. Dear Santa, Thank you! You see, a better vocabulary other than this is hard to find, so I will stick to the ordinary yet the sincerest and impacting. Thank you for this community that every Indian woman and her family has found here and is an integral part of. Every flight that lands in Orange county carry that one Indian family who becomes our valuable member.  It's fun to have a  group that constitutes of such variety- the 6:00am 'Good Morning' senders, the 10:30pm 'shayaras,’ the questers in search of information ranging from plumbing to calculus tutor, and the responders who never fail to impress. We are the ultimate Google for each other. Sundar Pichai, are