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Mindful Eating- Oats and Vegetable cutlet.

I experimented with the usual veg cutlet yesterday and added a little twist which turned out quite nice. I would like to share this vegetable cutlet recipe with all of you. Vegetable cutlet as we all know is basically a snack item made with mix boiled vegetables and of course a good dose of potatoes. Many add bread crumbs to it to get the crispy bite. It is normally a soft snack. I Tried a different version. It tastes differently that the usual veg cutlet but that's exactly the point - Recipes with a healthy twist which appeals to the palate. Here I have limited the use of potato and not boiled the vegetables so that we get the nice crunch from the chopped veggies and the goodness and crispiness of OATS- Having Oats is the highlight here because I am into  fiber  based foods. Mixing with oats made these balls/cutlets turn out nice and dry and one  doesn't  need to coat them in corn flour/ maida (All-Purpose flour)/rava (Semolina) or besan (Gram Flour)  bat

Why Mindful Eating? Because the simpler,the better.

Because a healthy body complements a healthy mind and our very emotional well-being. Because lifestyles have changed and I see my husband and myself and people around moving less and sitting more. Because in today's times of umpteen temptations and instant gratification, palettes have developed cravings which are difficult to control. ‘Fats’ have become friendly and ‘fiber’ our not so good friend. It's about mindful eating. Mind what you eat . Mind what you cook and feed yourself and your family . Not to forget a good eating habit inculcated in children leads the way to healthy choices in food that they will make in their life. Mindful Eating is about changing your relationship with food. It allows us to become aware of the positive and nurturing qualities of food, make mindful food choices and prepare the food by respecting your own inner wisdom. It allows us to use all our senses in choosing to eat food that is both satisfying, satiating and nourishing to our

Why Positive Psychology? Why a Meaningful Life? What is 'Note to SELF'?'

Because we have limited time and unlimited experiences to have Because at the end, we will be reduced to a small box of Calcium Phosphate . This consciousness of mortality is the very start of leading a meaningful life. And a meaningful life is not necessarily a happy one ( the way the world describes happiness). It's about being at peace with yourself, the choices you made in your life and respecting those choices and standing by them with your head held up high. We are regular people with regular thoughts ,  beliefs, and attitudes and dilemmas. Some of them are  stereotypes  in nature and some our own creation coming from our own sense of inadequacy. We get carried away, land up making unfair comparisons and have a flawed world view .  We forget that we are perfectly unique  people, each  with our own journey .  It's only us who understand our journey and what goes in traversing  it. We  have forgotten to respect ourselves first before respecting anyone arou

Meaningful Parenting-Why?

Can I change or redefine parenting to create meaningful upbringing ?  Or is it just a matter of chance? Do parents play a role in shaping the habits, attitudes and personality of a child? Or is it no BIG DEAL? But why meaningful? Because parenting cannot guarantee happiness to the child  every time . What it can assure is 'meaning' so that the child feels worthwhile and  purposeful, both  in falling down and flying high. I worked for Xerox India Ltd back in 2006-2010 in various roles. From corporate HR to Regional HR Manager N & E and later S & W. It was during this time I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Princy Bhatnagar who was then the Sales Head for Xerox India. It was one of those regular days at work where I heard him talking to his colleagues about family and children and he said: "Parenting is the most challenging yet most gratifying experience of one's life." I left Xerox India in 2011 and went ahead traversing my own life. I wasn't

Welcome Home

Hi. I am glad you are here. I am here because of the same reason- to grow and have a meaningful life. You see birth and death is inevitable. What happens in between defines the purpose we were born with and things we will be remembered for. Let me take you through my journey and the revelations life made. I stand here because of what I got to realize early in life, by life. I have to learn to do my own thing and believe in my self- Comparison is great when it's inspirational but the majority of the time, it isn't. It only harbors self-depreciating feelings. I had to say NO to it.  Competition is best when done with oneself, to become better of what I was yesterday. That way I get to set my own standards.   I have to learn to value my strengths.  The world (including me) tends to naturally focus on what we don't have, what we can't do or what limits us. Getting the spotlight back to 'strengths' will ensure more positivity to