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Add Potatoes To The Curry

'To those who say that money doesn't buy happiness, have not met Mrs. Tuli. At twenty-nine, she knew more about money than someone reverse her age. Racing through the clutter of items on the screen, she hurriedly adds it all to the cart. The Satin Spaghetti Nightgown in rose pink had been a dream which Mr.Tuli never cared for. His lovemaking was unceremonious, devoid of a gentle start and a breathless end. It happened now and then to take care of the hormones rather than the person behind the hormones. The hair on her arms and legs went unnoticed to him but not his body odor to her. She had dreamed of a different life. Sometimes she wished the lightning struck and something different happened.' To read the full story, click on  Add Potatoes To The Curry  This story has garnered a lot of attention, popularity, and great reviews from readers all across the globe.  Happy Reading! Image courtesy-Pixabay

The Part-Time Indian

She stares idly into the distance, an empty ceramic tumbler in front of her. “The beach there is different…in my country.” She says, lost in the reverie of the waves.  Did she say bitch to me? No, No, it’s the beach, the beach of Mexico. I remind myself of the Mexican Spanish accent. People’s vowels and consonants, my own diction, is my Achilles heel even after years of mac and cheese.  Why would she call her life coach a bitch? Calming my heart, I try to concentrate. Usually, I am the focussed type; I can come to the point quickly. As a seasoned counselor,  I can anticipate the story which has got the weary heart to my doorsteps in the first five minutes. To read the full story- Click on - The Part-Time Indian  on Kitaab International.  Image courtesy-Pixabay.