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What happens when academic goals battle body hormones?

" The truth is, I wanted to be honest. What you do with my honesty is  your choice . You DON’T have to live my life. You DON’T have to make my mistakes. You can choose not to suffer. You can choose to be better. You can choose to see the difference between a crush and love. You can choose to respect yourself better. You can choose to go beyond the sky." To read the featured article, click on  Dear Daughter, What's an i-Pill doing in your school bag? Image Courtesy-Pixabay

I have a thorn down there

  " That is the long and short of all that I got that day- An old bedsheet, few words, me and memories of cut pieces of her petticoat, Baba’s vests, pajamas hanging in some obscure corner of the terrace, close to the water tank, smelling of rin soap and stale blood. Maa needs to get me sanitary pads, the ones many of my friends use or another king-size bedsheet, maybe." Read the full  Story  here.  Image courtesy-Pixabay