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One 'Sobremesa a day' - There is nothing great about a family meal except

Except that in a culture of 'INSTANT' and 'DISTRACTION,' one family meal is where One disconnects to connect. A frenzied screen life(that's how I define our regular life today) finds some time to stop by and look beyond the screen. Google university is replaced by life's essential lessons shared via experience. A meal is appreciated. They say eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art. And the person who cooks for the family blends labor and love with art to present the plate that comes before you. How can one not appreciate and feel grateful? And food definitely tastes better when you eat it with your family. And nutrition blends with togetherness to provide a complete experience to the body. Nutrition is not only about eating right and eating healthy. If the food on the plate does not have a sense of emotion, the nutritious meal can hardly matter. The feelings come from family. The feelings of sharing, bonding, and connecting w

May your 2019 fly like Bugatti Chiron 261MPH

You see, A PARADISE DOESN’T EXIST. YOU MUST CREATE IT. And to top, it all, rule your thoughts with tyranny and dictatorship. I have never seen a worse master than our THOUGHTS. You let it loose, and it rains mayhem. Make it your slave; choose the thoughts that facilitate your well–being. You leave the gate opened, and serpents will enter your living room, pull out your favorite wine, take control over your TV and have merriment at your expense. CHOOSE WHAT YOU THINK, AND THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I wish you all a busy year ahead... have an overflowing plate. To read the full article, click on  May your 2019 fly like Bugatti Chiron 261MPH Image courtesy-