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One child, Two children or None? PART 2

WHAT SHOULDN'T GUIDE YOUR DECISION? Your best friend decision- Best friends are truly ‘BEST,’ but their choices and decision cannot and should not influence yours unless the best friend is ready to participate in bringing up your child.  Just because your best friend is pregnant with her second child does not mean you should too. She will not pay for your child's upbringing, nor will she come to support you in raising the child. The ride is only yours, and only you know what to do. Family pressure - Much the same way, just because your aunt, your mother-in-law feel that you should have a second child, you should not jump into the breeding assignment. Exactly, it's not an assignment, and you (along with your partner) have to raise the child. Ask them- are you ready to support me financially, emotionally, and physically?  Spur of the moment craving - Maternal cravings are innate in us. First, we want a child, then we feel like having another. What if

One Child, Two child or None? Any safe bet here? PART 1

You go around looking for examples, and you will find them abundant in all sorts of permutations and combinations. With changing lifestyles, the influence of television and media, the omnipresent mobile phone and other gadgets, and a social media platform coupled with a consumerist society, life has taken on an altogether different meaning. We have the world in our fist(courtesy Apple and the like) and everything  'instant'(courtesy Amazon and the like). A single child, children who have siblings or parents who decide not to have a child...we have a wide variety available for our understanding. Let's not get mean by glorifying a particular family set up and disapproving, condemning another kind that doesn't look like ours. It's not your job to judge somebody else's journey... unless you pay for the tickets. With parenting and raising children, generalizations should be made cautiously and best- not to make them at all. There is popular advice to prosp

How to bring up your ONLY child . PART 3

The question is - who are you raising? A child or a sibling? If you are raising a child, the ingredients remain the same irrespective of age or siblings around. One may have a few add-ons or subtractions. The basic ingredient of raising any child remains the same. Does it change if you have two in your house? You still want them to be kind, sensitive, courageous, and grateful. Don't you? Haven't you heard of a spoiled younger child? You indulge any child; the child will get spoilt. Personality traits of stubborn vs. flexible, sociable vs. private, ambitious vs. content are all influenced by a variety of factors, and the existence/influence of a sibling is a tiny part. The problem is not in the child but your behavior towards him. Let's look at the variety of accusations handed over to the single child and see how the single child can emerge a winner here with the support of parents, extended family, and friends. Undoubtedly, the single child gets a