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What do you need to survive a pandemic- The Ex-Factor

"The goalposts have changed, the ground rules have changed, this is the pandemic time. It’s all nice right now,  I reassure myself as the clock strikes 12 and I pick my Hello Motto. 12 am calls have a lot to give and a lot to take. 12 am calls reach a deeper substratum. 12 am call is nothing less than a declaration of hidden independence."  Double Dhamaka is good for products on sale; does it work for life? Click on the  LINK to read the story on Momspresso. Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share. Image Courtesy-Pixabay


  " A Siberian proverb says it is easy to tempt the frog to the river. I was that frog who reached its destination in Sampoorna Kranti Express three years back. With 98% in 12th CBSE, I was on a high tide. My father, a small-town grocer, was in two minds over Delhi University. His casual apathy succumbed to the magnificence of 98% and Prof.Rao’s wisdom- Educate your girl, Pandey Jee, she is your real treasure. In a month's time, I was in Delhi, sharing a rented accommodation with five other small-town girls in Mukherjee Nagar. The restroom had a western commode, and I refused to use it with the ferocity of a wild boar. Using all my intellect, I tried to figure out where to place the feet, but to no avail. Asking PG mates for help would have been simpler, but it was a chance I didn’t want to take. A 98% SRCC student knows it all." To read the full story, click on  PeeShe . It was featured as #BlogOfTheDay yesterday on Momspresso-India's largest parenting platform.  Thi


The clouds were full of ink, and the beach was dead silent except for the gentle waves, which didn't seem to care much. The shower came almost in a hurry, rain falling in wild anarchy, the gusting wind carrying them in wild swirls one moment, a straight downpour in another, and diagonal slap the very next. I deserved it. Every bit. He was disappointed in me...I had failed him. To read the award-winning story-click on  Mamoni Image courtesy-Pixabay