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" That is how aging works; one by one, you will age, much against your wishes, efforts, and promises of science. One by one, every organ will become weaker despite the daily trip to the Fitness Center. You teeter until you collapse. Aging obliterates any illusion that youthful bubbles are trustworthy." To read the #BlogOfTheDay on Momspresso,India's biggest blogging platform, click on SNAKES Image courtesy-Pixabay

The Unbecoming

  “And how do I know that?” “You will always know it, Naina. I am your conscience. You can never stop me. If your actions bring peace, you know what you are fighting for is worth the cause; if not, you know you are betting on the wrong horse.” The noise in her head grew louder like the whirlwind beats of a dhol. Naina stood in a stupor, her eyes transfixed on the Mangal sutra hanging from her mother’s slender neck. She stood coyly next to the man with whom she shared 38 years of life. Clad in a red banarasi sari, red vermillion along the part of her hair shining bright against her bronze skin, she looked most imperfect standing diminutively next to Naina’s father – fair-skinned, tall with an Englishman’s look in a single-breasted plaid suit. To read the full story, click on  The Unbecoming . Women's Web with Anuja Chauhan(who has worked in advertising for over seventeen years and is credited with many popular campaigns. She is the author of five bestselling novels (The Zoya Factor