CHIRP-- Do you have a bucket? If not, do you still die well?

"Dil chahta hai ki ek bucket mil jaye kyunki zindagi na milegi dobara."

Cult films which ensured we bought that 'bucket'.

To the not so knowledgeable, The Bucket List is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Bob Reiner.It's about two teminally ill men on a road trip to fulfill their wish list.

You knew about this? May be yes may be no.But everybody seems to have it, either original or copied from someone. It makes one look all too KOOL and the ones who don't have it to look like FOOLS. If I get it right, it’s all copied. The idea, the trend and the list. ;)

A trend that started a decade back or not really remember if it was there around DDLJ and KKHH times. To the non-Bollywood types - it's the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayegein and Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Yes, we sometimes refer to that era by these names.

And post then everyone has a bucket list and there are two things pretty much everyone wants to do- adventure and travel. It's become a life ka 'sawaal' now. You don't die well if you haven't done rafting on Victoria Falls—The Zambezi River, Zimbabwe or snorkeled in Bimini, Bahamas.

The more the better the bucket looks and even better look the FB posts and the likes. Paragliding, Skiing , Rock Climbing, Trekking, White water rafting, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Snorkeling, Deep sea fishing, walking safaris, waterskiing, windsurfing and the list goes on and on and on.
All exotic locales, especially the islands which have earned our fascination in recent times- Bora Bora, St. Martin, Bali, Maldives etc. are having the best times....if you didn't make love to your newlywed wife in Bali, your sex life is doomed forever. The honeymoon is not about relationship. It's about the relationship in an exotic locale with a DSLR camera and Wi-Fi with active FB account.

Adventure is not about adventure. It's about getting ready for the glide, turning , pouting and clicking, then take off,  gliding and clicking, then gliding back and clicking and once down from the sky, getting on Wi-Fi. Ghosh, the world is waiting to get the breaking news- 'I just paraglided. Huh! Posted! Now the world can go to sleep in peace. I just saved the world from a restless night. Phewwwww.' Thank god for Facebook in life otherwise how would we get to showcase our accomplishments to the world?

Why do they do?
Isn't is simple?  
To tell the world how their bucket is leaking drop by drop. Pictures are taken meticulously, right before the dive, then in the dive and after the dive, right before a glide, in the glide and after the glide, right before boarding, in the flight and after the flight. That's quite a hard work to update...or no?

To ensure the world knows that they have money to afford a rich bucket.

To spread the word- I have a bucket. I am kind of KOOL. Uber KOOL.

and the ones who have that faded blue bucket with a shabby looking mug from which they take morning better get a nice bucket for yourself. You can't let your life waste in this faded bucket. You just don't die WELL. And if you can't get, ask that friend of yours. Maybe he can sponsor your bucket. Just beg him sure he has a big heart.

Big bucket = big heart. ;)

Just stumbled upon Karimul Haque story. Do watch -

What a bucket he has. I am stumped. How many of us have such a bucket? Shifting the flashlight from self to others - try this adventure. It takes a lifetime to learn...and many die without it. Those who learn.... A LIFE WELL LIVED and they DIE WELL.

And I am sure we have many others like him...but sadly I am not one of them. Are you? 

Disclaimer- This post is not to offend people’s bucket. It’s, after all, a BUCKET which needs to be emptied by end of life. It is not meant to compare whose bucket is bigger, has more colour or is shiny blue expensive. It's a democracy and everyone has right to their ‘bucket or mug or glass or spoon’. Also, everyone has right to post the leakages from the bucket and thus ensure the safety and security of the world. It truly depends on them and their bucket. Clap Clap Clap.


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