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Bold and Beautiful

Our society places beauty that high. When you fall, it fractures you from within. But I choose not to fear anymore. I want to be proud of myself. I am willing to let go of what I should be to who I am. Until I die, I want to continue to be list further possibilities and not a defined label. And that is being FEARLESS. Labels with their ingredient and the calorie count are good with a hamburger, not with human beings.  To read the full story click on Bold and Beautiful Image courtesy-Pixabay

Dear Mother-in-law, I Am My Own Person

Like almost every MIL and DIL, my MIL and I too share a bitter-sweet relationship. But here are a few things I would like her to know. What do you mean when you call me  ‘bahuraani’ ? Queen? Like a queenly queen? As in a bejeweled queen treated with care? Well, I am sure you don’t mean that! Oh come on, you just  say  it. That’s just your lips saying it. To read the article, click on  I am my own person .  Image Courtesy-Pixabay

No Thanks, I don't want a career.

...because there are different tracks in life  ...because not everyone wants to be part of the race "That’s how I feel. Not sure of the implementation part. In all possibility, I would chicken out. After all, I am ‘THE IZZAT-The honor of the family. Is this for real in the year 2020? Huh! As real as the virus. " To read the full article, please click on No Thanks, I don't want a career . This article has featured on the Momspresso platform under the title- Papa, I am 25, even I have needs. Image courtesy-Pixabay