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My son, his Spermarche, and his Sexuality

If a parent is trying to protect, care for, and educate a girl child on her sexuality, it is equally essential to provide the same to the boy child. Doesn't it take 'TWO TO TANGO'?  Giving attention to your boy child is equally important, if not more. If we made our boy children responsible adults, we ensure that the girls don’t need to move around with fear. Don't say then- I will not understand. I do because I have a son, and he is not a bull.  Click on   My son, his Spermarche, and his Sexuality   to read the full article. Image courtesy-Pixabay


"The literary circle had accused her of being a coffee table, light-hearted romance writer, feeding on the surface of life and emotions, incapable of weaving a deeper tale seething with human pain." Click on the link and read the full story   BLEED . Image courtesy-Pixabay


The other day, the doctor ordered a stool test, then concluded that I have to give up the yogurt, lactose intolerance, or some shit like that to get the shit out of me. They say one way would be to throw the yogurt and start afresh. To read the full story click on  Motion-Emotion Image courtesy-Pixabay