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The Corporate Mom- Artificial Intelligence, Automation and our lives. Technology Revolution is an opportunity, only if you see it that way.

And how are we moms going to deal with it? It brings a whole new wave of challenges for us, for our family and our life.
That is America and this is India and the problems exist for both. In India, with a population of 1,341,907,161 (as of Monday, June 19, 2017) can automation be a blessing? And what about India? Can India do without Automation? Should India do without Automation and still leverage on the old model of labor intensive economy? We have moved ahead of the bullock-cart era...but will the new destination serve the interest of our country and it's people? You must be laughing at my wisdom and I am laughing at it too.The question is too simplistic and the answer over complicated. For Indians living in America, the challenge is looming right now and will keep increasing as BCG)Boston Consulting Group) predicts half of all jobs in the US to be automated by 2050.  
For the uninitiated let's understand what is AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Automation? The dictionary defin…

Meaningful Parenting- Why are we obsessed about parenting? Were your parents perfect?

Either way, it's a big deal today. You browse through parenting articles and Google throws you ******************websites/blogs. Phew. That's a lot.Our parents were not into such craziness and yet we all grew up to be fine, doing well, earning well and living well.
I read somewhere that we have moved from 'fairly interested parents that our parents use to be to wholly invested parents'. Yes! And there is a reason behind this.
Few aspect I shall touch upon, knowing very well that there are subtle, not so subtle, big and small aspects that contributed towards the current insanity. Are we sure its insanity or are we just responding to the way the world is changing around us?

Do you know- An iPhone 7 has more processing power than the entire NASA organization had in 1969. That's around the time our parents were around adulthood, starting to work and forming families. And I can quote many such forces where the tidal wave …