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Mindful Eating- Cracked Wheat & Barley Puliyogare.

This one is totally new invention for me with my two favourites Grains-Barley and Cracked Wheat. Barley is a very versatile cereal grain and is known to have rich nutritional content -molybdenum, manganese, dietary fiber, and selenium, and a good source of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium, and niacin. Cracked wheat is primarily a wheat product made from whole raw wheat kernels which are made into small pieces which resemble rice grains. As the name suggest cracked wheat is made from whole wheat berries, hence it carries a great deal of nutrition and fibre. The rich outer bran and the germ of the wheat are what makes it so healthy. For this reason, it is often added to healthy diets, especially those eaten by people who are concerned about heart health. Barley is chewy in texture so for those people who haven't taste barley yet, this will be a new addition to the palette. Cracked wheat is just like rice in texture when cooked. :)

Chirp- A note from a fellow traveller

It's a rough road. This road that people call life. It's strewn with hard rocks that burn under a merciless sun .  You may need to run  over  them bare feet, to escape the heat of the stones.  When it rains the same  stone, turn  slippery and you have to tread so carefully lest you slip. And this road ends sometimes abruptly and you are on a slope that merges into the valley below  and you walk in the wonder of the beauty ,  especially if the valley is being kissed by a setting sun. And suddenly a stream cuts across the expanse of ground .  Sparkling water .  And you stop by its side ,  bend, and scoop the crystal clear water and drink ,  to quench a thirst that you did not  know  you had .  You wash your hands and face and think it is heaven.  But you leave the stream ,  which does not even become a memory and move on... Sometimes  into the heart of a merciless desert...b ut  you cross the dessert too, and reach the road that leads to th

Guiding the 'Adolescent' journey ...

The water runs rough and deep here... Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. Is puberty inevitable a period of storm and stress? NO. It's not biologically determined. There are social and cultural forces which determine how well children adjust to this phase and how well parent-child relationship change. The onus doesn't lie on the child alone. Parenting has to grow out of 'baby-toddler-kiddo' mode to cater to the adolescent who is experiencing significant change biologically and psychologically. Do strong roots ensure your child will not SINK? COMMUNICATING AND COMMUNICATING ALL THAT WE CAN DO. ALL THAT CAN possibly make A DIFFERENCE. ·         ENGAGE IN OPEN AND TWO-SIDED CONVERSATION- You have heard this many a times, but the fact remains that this is still the key. And this is still elusive in parent's behavior due to