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Health Nugget - Taking a dig at 'Blood Sugar '- Rice or Wheat? Ending the eternal dilemma.

Old wine in an old bottle with a new label - Four Clover Life. :)
What I didn’t know? ·Glucose is a type of sugar and not sugar itself.  ·Insulin- a hormone which gets secreted when glucose level rises in the body. ·High levels of blood glucose over an extended period of time have damaging effects on eyes, kidneys, blood vessels and nerves. ·Sweet food is high in carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are sugar whether it is a fruit, table sugar, bread or vegetables.
The total carbohydrate content includes all three types of carbohydrates: sugars, starches and fiber.

STARCH A grain contains three parts: ·bran ·germ ·endosperm The bran is the outer hard shell of the grain that provides the most fiber. This is what makes the grain so beneficial because it is this part which is hard to digest, longer to digest and therefore affect your blood glucose more slowly (i.e. whole wheat bread, whole wheat flour , brown rice, red rice oats ,vegetables etc. It also contains the maximum part of Vitamin B and mineral…

Chirp------Life- Let's have a party tonight.

Make peace with  life,shake hands and say a hello, having fought enough,lets negotiate on this desk, you uncover basket of offerings, and I get mine to seal the deal.

Chirp-----A family photograph.

There is nothing more beautiful than a family photo. The natural beauty of oceans and mountains and tall trees and serene snow, the pitter patter of rain and the soft rustle of autumn leaves, the glittering dew on the blades of grass and the blooming flower pink, red and violet...all fail...
Every family photograph is perfectly beautiful.

Chirp---I dont want to forever look young. Why should I?

An autumn leaf which broke away from the branch and lies on the grass will soon be shrouded in snow. But can it say that it feels like a new green leaf? Should it still revel thinking about its green charm? It was but once a green leaf… and now it's brown…green was beautiful then, brown is beautiful now, green or brown… the color is not important……. The question is how well it lived green and how well it lives brown…and how well it gets buried under the icy snow.

Meaningful Parenting- Making 'peace' with Maths not necessarily 'Mathematically Happy'. Part 2

Not necessarily you have to enjoy it. But being at peace with it is important.

Are students who are good at Math, intelligent? Yes. Are students who are not good at Math, intelligent? Yes.

Over the years Child development researchers have studied Intelligence and come up the with various kinds of intelligence and Mathematical Ability is JUST ONE OF THEM.

IQ - Intelligent Quotient-is related to long-term life success but in which field- depends on you. Research does indicate that childhood IQ predicts academic achievement as well as adult occupational achievement. There is a strong likelihood of 2nd-grade children with highest IQ's enter prestigious professions such an engineering, law, medicine and science. (McCall 1977). This was 1977.We are in 2017.

The definitions have changed so have the occupations children choose. The opportunities have increased manifold and success is no more measured by professions of engineering, law, medicine, and science. There are enormous wealth of caree…

Meaningful Parenting- Do you or your child has 'Math-phobia?' Have you ever failed in your Maths exam? Part 1

If Yes...continue reading. Don't miss the end ....because that's the start.

Math-phobia is described by me as an extreme, persistent fear of the subject Mathematics. Others refer to it as -----Numerophobia or Arithmophobia which is the exaggerated, constant and often irrational fear of numbers.

Innumerable expressions for this deep-rooted fear, Math phobia strikes many and has a tendency to spread over a lifetime.
'Fear' can still be managed. What about the 'nightmare', the 'horror' and the 'phobia' which one is subjected too.


Math’s is the glorious barometer for 'being intelligent'- You cannot deny that. Looks like a stereotype coming from ages but a very strong one even now. Let's look at how it starts and what happens when one is caught up in this downward spiral.

THE START-It starts the day (whichever grade the child is in) a mathematical question Stays unresolved despite attempts.You get the wrong answer. You reach ou…

Meaningful Parenting- Did you talk about them to your child today?

Unfortunately, there is no such program, no study center which coaches for this exam and no teacher who specifically teaches this. There is no recognition for this nor a certification. I wonder if this is considered a gift or a talent?  It’s called the Gifted and Talented Gratitude and Respect program. This program aims at cultivating the values of respect and gratitude in children and recognizes/awards those who show exemplary behavior in this field.

Conversations you make with your child It plays a significant role in how you shape his thoughts, attitudes and behaviour patterns.  Apart from developing verbal skills and making a child adapt to the society at various stages of his life, communication, starting early in life between parents and child fosters bonding, strengthens self-understanding of the child, relationships around him, activities around him and a better view of the world appropriate for that age.
Think for a moment- What did you talk to your child today? Apart from repet…