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What do you need to survive a pandemic- The Ex-Factor

"The goalposts have changed, the ground rules have changed, this is the pandemic time. It’s all nice right now,  I reassure myself as the clock strikes 12 and I pick my Hello Motto. 12 am calls have a lot to give and a lot to take. 12 am calls reach a deeper substratum. 12 am call is nothing less than a declaration of hidden independence."  Double Dhamaka is good for products on sale; does it work for life? Click on the  LINK to read the story on Momspresso. Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share. Image Courtesy-Pixabay

Dear Mother-in-law, I Am My Own Person

Like almost every MIL and DIL, my MIL and I too share a bitter-sweet relationship. But here are a few things I would like her to know. What do you mean when you call me  ‘bahuraani’ ? Queen? Like a queenly queen? As in a bejeweled queen treated with care? Well, I am sure you don’t mean that! Oh come on, you just  say  it. That’s just your lips saying it. To read the article, click on  I am my own person .  Image Courtesy-Pixabay

Is it just ME or MARRIAGE?

“Google throws about 794,000,000 results in 0.56 seconds when asked- How to make a marriage work and about 192,000,000 results in 0.55 seconds when asked- Tips for a happy marriage. Clearly, people are more interested in making it work somehow than seeking happiness in it. Wait. What kind of an inane hypothesis is this? Never mind. Let’s move on. To read the full article on Medium click on  Is it just ME or MARRIAGE? Image courtesy-Pixabay