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Have you ever thought of escaping to Hawaii or the Bahamas in search of some peace, freedom and fresh air and realize later, while lying on the golden sandy beach that you have carried your miserable self along or the present is not delighting you the way you expected? I am not the exotic type, I have no big plans of travelling around the world, soaking on a beach in the Caribbean, hiking the world's most famous canyon, exploring ancient ruins, eating delicious cuisine or learning more about a significant historical  site. If I bump into them, I will pause, wonder , smile and move on. If I don't , I am FINE. My biggest vacation is freedom from my mind and the voices it creates, a kind of freedom which turns my patio with five green plants into Hawaii. Do you believe that true freedom is freedom from oneself? Whoa...Chills,chills,chills....And that is so true. I have come to realize that of many things that upset me, of many things that push and prick me, it

My Father in-law's kurta

My FIL knows I like wine and had his health and family allowed him, I am sure he and I would be all ‘CHEERS’. My husband’s family is a teetotaler except for my FIL.  He enjoys omelette treats with me on the terrace( that’s the only place we can cook the forbidden) and even secretly supplies me ‘ tangdi kebab ’ knowing very well that my ‘ tangdi ’ and his would be in trouble if ‘The House’ got to know about it. But he has me covered in his own special way. Thank god for small mercies. Click on  My FIL's Kurta  to read the full story.