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“Now what wrong did your bra do to you? Your nipples are popping out,” Pratima Siddhesh Prajapati , the 63-year-old widow of Lt. Siddhesh Prajapati, Ex-Vice President, UFLEX International, raised her eyebrows by inches when she saw her 33-year-old daughter Naina get ready for her  school alumni meet, her jeans distressed and her carrot pink scoop neck bling top way too relaxed, falling off from one side of the shoulder, revealing the fair, young skin and something else too.  To read the full story click on  Feminist? Image courtesy-Pixabay

MISSTEP- One wrong step, a lifetime of remorse.

“Oh! So, your son was in an extramarital affair?” Naina's voice quivered at the very mention of the word. “Ouch! That word sounds so painful but yes! And my daughter-in-law discovered and attempted suicide too.” To enjoy the full story please click on  MISSTEP Image courtesy-Pixabay

I am Sorry ...But

I regret choosing love over my father’s dreams Then what? I met this amazing man during the first year of college and tossed my dreams, like a paper ball and threw it out of the hostel room window, losing myself between the sheets. To read the winning blog  for #NoRegrets Blogathon presented by Harper Collins and Women's Web click  I am Sorry But.... Disclaimer- This story has a semb lance to people living or dead but why should that matter. I met her on a train journey a few years back. I met her on Cathay Pacific airlines during a trip to Hong Kong. I met her during a cruise vacation to the Royal Caribbean. I met her on the road, in the parking lot, on the pathway. I met her yesterday, I met her 13 years back. She is here and she is there and she is nowhere, yet she is everywhere. Image Courtesy-Pixabay