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I don't write poetry.

A mom of an elementary school student asks me over a discussion- 'So, just how do you teach poetry?'

Me- ' Ummm, teach? '
Mom- 'Yes, you write poetry but how do you teach poetry to elementary school students?'
Me-  'Ummmm...I don't think poetry can be taught, poetry is lived.'
You see, they say poetry is  born to an overactive right hemisphere, To me, poetry is born in moments... fragile and fugacious. Moments when the pain and despair, magically give rise to hope and strength, when shattered pieces of trust and promise, bleed and brave together, That very moment, poetry is born. Moments when your eyes swallow two tiny rivers, And fake a smile which says it none, A silent scream which pierces the ears, A deafening silence which nails the soul, Poetry belongs to these very voices.