Creative Writing Program

Hi. I am glad you are here. I am a published writer, author, an avid blogger, and a Creative Writing Coach. I  write...therefore I teach.



So, how do you write a narrative, an expository, or an opinion essay? What makes for an immersive narrative? How do you pull the reader- your teacher, your friend, your parent, a stranger into your story and make him/her believe? How do you win an argument, persuade the reader, or create effective opinions which look logical, data-centric, and reasonable?

How about learning some letter writing/email writing- From apologies to admission requests to customer complaints, we have it all covered here.

For Reading comprehension- Students who are good at monitoring their comprehension know when they understand what they read and when they do not. They have strategies to "fix" problems in their understanding as the problems arise. Research shows that instruction, even in the early grades, can help students become better at monitoring their comprehension. We learn how to do that---- here. 

What are you reading currently? Be careful because what you read is what you write. Let's read 'inspiration,' let's savor bestsellers...let's read, let's write.

For Elementary grades- We also do grammar.

Testimonials are readily available here. 


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