Writing Program

Hello, and thank you for your interest in my writing program! As a published writer, author, avid blogger, and Creative Writing Coach, my passion for writing extends seamlessly into teaching.

Welcome to my comprehensive writing program tailored to students from 2nd grade through 12th grade, encompassing AP courses and college essay preparation.

As an experienced educator, I am dedicated to nurturing a love for language and honing writing skills at every educational level. From elementary school through high school, my program is designed to empower students to become adept communicators and critical thinkers.

For our younger learners in 2nd grade through 5th grade, we focus on building a strong foundation in writing fundamentals. From crafting imaginative stories to mastering the intricacies of grammar, these formative years are crucial for laying the groundwork for effective communication.

Moving into middle school and high school, the program takes a more advanced approach. Specifically, for high school students, I offer guidance in navigating Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Whether it's AP English Literature, AP English Language, or other AP courses, I provide targeted support to help students excel in these rigorous academic endeavors.

Additionally, my program extends to assist students with the critical task of crafting compelling college essays. The college application process is a pivotal moment in a student's academic journey, and I am dedicated to helping them articulate their unique stories, experiences, and aspirations effectively.

The program is not just about imparting writing skills; it's about fostering a deep appreciation for self-expression and creativity. Each student is encouraged to find their voice and develop the confidence to articulate their thoughts with clarity and eloquence.

Join me on this educational journey that spans from elementary to high school, encompassing the challenges of AP courses and the crucial task of crafting college essays. Together, we will unlock the full potential of every student, preparing them not just for academic success but for a lifetime of effective communication.


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