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The Cow

We had 200 miles of straight road ahead. With rain falling straight on our car like drums overhead and cymbals on the windshield mirror with the wipers gyrating tirelessly, the traffic moving straight in three rows, and the heart going roller coaster, I dismissed the question saying their owners will come and take care of them. It is difficult to handle two disquieted hearts. To read the award-winning story, click on The Cow . Image courtesy-Pixabay

You MUST raise your children right

A willow grows on my head,  Surrounded by patchy buckthorns and crabgrass, Their roots penetrate and prick my aortas, In the background, we play masks and plexiglass.   A haircut would do me a world of good, I have let them grow way too wild,  Stereotypes and Prejudices cling to the grime, In the background, the power struggle refuses to reconcile.     They tangle easily and snag at the bottom, Split ends caused by hatred, resentment, and abuse When did we start to devour each other, In the background, we play 'which color do you ‘choose.'   Pediculosis Capitis ravages through the scalp, The pieces of broken dreams continue to pelt, It gnawed a large  part of  our identity and grace, In the background, the Alaskan glaciers melt.    White dandruff flakes abound all over, Hope suffocates as we itch in dark, We let a lot fall through the cracks these years, In the background, flicker the mutinous sparks.    We all need a hairdo and some introspection, So

Parent's Locker Room

" I slip inside my house, shivering. Hmmm, so they were boyfriend and girlfriend, in love. At 17, life presents itself hormonally. Later, it starts demanding money, and love is the first thing to go out of the window; I try not to conclude with the last gulp of my now cold tea. Later that night, a mortified mom’s frantic call keeps me awake- she found her daughter, a 6th grader,  watching pornography . Browsing history leaves her feeling devastated and broken." Click on the link to read the article - Parent's Locker Room Image Courtesy

Mom, did you have a boyfriend when you were 15? Did you guys kiss?

No, I did not(  yes, I did and much more...some  stunning in its sheer stupidity   ); however, each of us has a narrative, some paragraphs of which we prize dearly, and some details we are not proud of . And then there are other dangling  between melancholy and maudlin.    To read the article, please click on  Mom, Can I Date? Image courtesy-Pixabay

How to fall in love with soccer?

Who knew balls could cause so much trouble?  Click on  Men, Their Balls, and my Life  to get an insight into the troublemaker, the scandalmonger, the rabble rouser-The Balls.  Image courtesy-Pixabay