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Four Clover Life Magazine- August 2020 Edition-Upside Down

This July, Hope, Perseverance and Ingenuity launched towards our neighbor- Mars, on their 7-month long journey, each assigned with the task of unraveling the mystery of the red planet. I am amazed at the tenacity and fortitude of our space missions and the teams in the face of the crisis we all, unfortunately, find ourselves into. Howbeit, I am also struck by the beautiful coincidence of what is up there and we need down here on planet Earth-Hope, Perseverance and Ingenuity to stand tall in front of the invisible mighty opponent.There is hardly any aspect of life where the 'virus' has not sneaked into and turned our life upside down. The center of our narrative has shifted heavily and as I write, the noun has immense possibility of becoming a verb-You see the year 2020, we got 'virussed' and then life was never the same. What started in late 2019, spread over 2020 and we know- we have to wait, hang in there for sometime before the case is dismissed forever. 
However, as…

The Truth Is, Being Successful Is Hard

"I am not poor, the digestive juices in my stomach are currently churning a warm bowl of oats with milk, bananas and blueberries. The afternoon lunch is usually simple, a veggie wrap with ginger tea or an Indian lentil pancake. I have a $1550 two-bedroom luxury apartment with newly installed Whirlpool dishwasher, a daughter who rides to school in her Disney Princess, fuchsia pink bike with shiny streamers hanging from the handles, my husband prefers sex Friday nights post our dose of Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc strictly ranging between $13-$19 and chicken teriyaki from Panda Express."
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Enigma- Dear Robber, Let me tell you how to rob my home!

What happens when a series of burglary in your community leads you helpless and hapless? What happens when the apartment management does little and then moves on with life and rent?  What happens when all you can now do is WAIT FOR YOUR TURN, knowing very well that one day it could be your home, hoping the day never comes. 
Dear Robber, Now that you have created the right amount of fear and panic in the community I live, the apartment I inhabit, I thought it was a good time to talk to you face to face. Oh! But where is the face? Huh! Who cares. I know you way too well. Robbers don’t have a face, they have deeds. What they rob is not as important as what they leave behind. So, what if I do not know the length of your nose, the light brown Mongolian spot on your neck, the color of your eyes but let me tell you, all robbers look the same and everything you did in my neighbor’s home when she off to Costco to buy milk and grocery for her family was callous and spiteful. So, when actions are …

My NEST is empty; I am not DEAD!

These lines have not been written by me.It's been pretty viral on Facebook and it made me think. Literally pause and think.

Undoubtedly, beautiful words, heartfelt emotions and just so TRUE.
Then what's the discomfort? It's painful and unfortunately unavoidable. The nest one day will be empty.
Can you prepare for it? NO. Can you ensure it doesn’t pain? NO. What can you do? Make the best use of your time RIGHT NOW and know that every phase of LIFE (and not only MOTHERHOOD) brings itself two companions- a longing for the past and worry for the future.  Seeing our teenagers, we will yearn for our babies, seeing the adult we will miss our teenagers, once they get married, we will miss all the years they spent with us. WE ARE GOING TO MISS come what may. I have often heard my mother in law get nostalgic over the days when all her three teenage sons ensured her 24 hours were utilized well in cooking, cleaning, caring, how much she loved/hated it then and misses it now. J
Just the way …

Wife and Husband

So I was asked this question today by one of my readers who also happens to be one of my friends “Why did you change your name after marriage?  Nobody does this nowadays. Why should we women do this all the time? We are equal and not need to change our surnames or our identity. You went ahead and included his name and surname too.Phew!”

I looked at her in bewilderment, because I had never thought of this and said rather meekly- " Our name together sounds really nice to me. It has a melody to it which makes me" That's all.

Sometimes it's really not about empowerment, equality, and identity. Beyond the frontiers of man vs woman, lies a sweet spot where I feel nice to be married to my husband, feel fortunate to have him in my life, cradle him to sleep when he is tired, serve him warm food because I know he likes it, dust his shoes when he is running late to work, try to keep his tea ready once he is back from work and stand by him at all times. I do it not beca…

Driving, Driving in my car, going really far!!!

Dearest non- driving moms, Don’t fret over not knowing how to drive. Don’t let it hit your self -esteem and when the other mom asks you – “do you drive?”, don’t get sheepish and wrinkle up your nose with a malcontented smile. IT IS OKAY. DRIVING IS NOT THE KEY TO A HAPPY LIFE or a TESTAMENT TO ONE. I wonder if it even figures in the list. He!He!He!Guess, to some it may. To some, it may not -SO, NO JUDGMENTS.

I know driving. It's just that I prefer1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Special . Below that, it doesn't suit my taste. Yeah! it is 26.4 million $ and hence I have not been driving. You have no idea how misery strikes in life? Ha!Ha!Ha!

Jokes being said, back in Chicago, when I tried to merge onto a freeway, I had my first nervous breakdown and after that I swore to myself that I will drive into anyone’s home but not on a freeway.
Amongst the biggest fears of life, driving figures somewhere on the third place after cockroaches and messing up the Math’s question paper. The first fear I g…

This Valentine Day- a HEART story-a FART story.

“I am wondering how will I fart post the wedding? What if he hears? Oouuchhhh! What will he think about me? All the romance will be flushed out right there. So unsophisticated! But, you tell me, a fart is fart is a fart. A body mechanism and how am I supposed to hide it forever?” I looked at my laptop screen in disbelief( Yeah! I was reading -How to have amazing sex every time!) while my bestie poured Harpic around the rim of the commode in our bathroom and mockingly answered “he would also have all kinds of noises coming out of his body, so, just chill!”
I remembered this conversation today, early morning, when I let out the infamous fart while stuck in a yoga pose(Bhujangasan) right in front of my husband, Kuchipoo(his puppy pet name given by me), for 5 years. Because we sit opposite each other while doing these aasanas, it caught his attention for a millisecond and we moved on. The fart disappeared in the humdrum of regular life.
I remembered my days just after my wedding where I wo…

Orange County Indians Holiday Meet- Solidarity, Togetherness and Celebrations

...and Phew!!! it ended. The gaiety, the merriment, a giggle here and a guffaw there, warm hugs, 'Hi, how are you?' , chit chats, joshing and the color ‘RED’ tinted the OC sky with empressement of togetherness and Indian-ness at the  Orange County Indians holiday meet today.

Dear Santa,

Thank you! you see a better vocabulary other than this is hard to find so I will stick to the ordinary yet the sincerest and impacting. Thank you for this community which every Indian woman and her family has found here and is an integral part of. Every flight that lands in Orange county has that one Indian family who becomes our valuable member. 

It's fun to have a  group which constitutes of such variety- the 6:00am 'Good Morning' senders , the 10:30pm 'shayaras’, the questers in search of information ranging from plumbing to calculus tutor and the responders who never fail to impress. We are the ultimate Google for each other. Sundar Pichai, are you listening?

A Meaningful Life- Return home by evening.

It is the way some evenings welcome themselves in our life. Some are enveloped in the shade of deep orange and some in clear blue sky with white clouds floating like cotton balls, some are wrapped in darkness with no stars to twinkle and a pale dark blue blanket all over. And, some are washed in the moonlight, shining so bright that it becomes difficult to differentiate the day from the night.
In every way, evenings are my favorite. The day is too bright for me and the nights too dark. What makes me feel comfortable are the silken evenings. Or maybe there is something more to that. Evenings I guess symbolize 'return'. It's reassuring to see the birds fly back to their nest as we wait to get back to ours. The children gleefully playing in the green parks, bathed in sweat look forward to going back to their homes where their mother wait with baited breath. They shall be washed and scrubbed and made to sit and study in their warm beds. Somewhere, old melodies play making wives…