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In the Business of Life, Don't leave Gratitude Behind

My most precious Gratitude, Your accent, dialect, jargon, and lingua franca are difficult to decrypt, decipher, and understand. I have struggled all my life and realize that you can only be felt. I read somewhere today that you are dying a silent death. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that you choose to live in me. Is there something special about my heart, or is it my stubbornness that I don’t let you go? Either way, I am happy. You see, you have kept me right where I belong- ON THE GROUND, IN DUST. I started a life with my parents where we were always ‘IN- NEED.’ A humble life brings in its own grand challenges and turmoil. I hated the thriftiness then, despised the frugality which enveloped my life, and once even thought of stealing a Barbie from a friend’s house because I didn’t have one. You saved me then. But I didn’t thank you. You see then, my eyes could only see that much. Later, life blessed me with abundance beyond my appetite, my needs, and my


"Whenever you feel 'fear,' and I mean it from my heart and soul... Do what you are afraid to do because overcoming what frightens you the most ...strengthens you the most." "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear- Nelson Mandela." Click on  Homecoming  to read the full article. Image courtesy-Pixabay.

Dear Soldier- How did you celebrate Valentine's day?

Tell me something? What were you thinking when you decided to stand at the LOC? You knew what was coming your way? Right? Your family knew what this job entails? Why didn't you choose a safer and secure option? Why? There are umpteen IIM's and IIT's around, Artificial Intelligence is on the boom, Robots are transforming life and look at you. Who goes for work on 14th February when Cupid Cuties are on a roll and hearts are going a flutter?  To read the article, click on Dear Soldier, how did you celebrate Valentine's Day?   Image courtesy-Pixabay.

The Error of Hope

Naina gave a hurtful look to Samar. He was sipping tea with a worried expression. “Fresh clothes, evening tea, what more does one want in life?”  “What is wrong w ith you, Naina? You can't see me having tea in peace?  “No, I cannot see anyone peaceful when my inside is breaking. It's been 6 years, Samar, and I feel like a castaway, wrecked and stranded?” hollered Naina. I have fallen between the cracks, and it hurts Samar,” Naina tried to raise her voice, but the rivers brimming in the eyes flooded her throat. She fell on the kitchen floor, tears making tiny pools on the grey tiles. Click on  The Error of Hope  to read the full story. Image courtesy-Pixabay.