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My NEST is empty; I am not DEAD!

" Moms, don't miss the opportunity to make the most of your time with the little ones while they are still little. Cuddle them, squish them, smell the top of their heads, shower them with a hundred kisses! Let your clothes soak up their tears and let their grubby fingers ruin your hair as they fling their arms around you. Etch each moment in your memory because no pictures will ever do them justice. Trust me, time flies. Soon, these days will seem like a distant dream, and you will wish for them all over again!" These lines have not been written by me. It's been pretty viral on Facebook, and it made me think. Literally, pause and think. Undoubtedly, beautiful words, heartfelt emotions, and just so TRUE. Then what's the discomfort? It's painful and, unfortunately, unavoidable. The nest one day will be empty. Can you prepare for it? NO. Can you ensure it doesn’t pain? NO. What can you do? Make the best use of your time RIGHT NOW a

The Green-Eyed Monster

When your maidservant's 12-year-old daughter tries to dream, aspires to rise above her class and become somebody like you, when she poses a threat to your own daughter and her talents, it is difficult not to remind the mother-daughter duo of their status----------------------MAIDSERVANT. To read the award-winning story, click on - The Green-Eyed Monster . Image courtesy-Pixabay