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Booking Nail Spa - for my 8 year old daughter.

You take your little girl to a nail spa, a blow dry or buy her fancy dress for every party she attends, the idea of external appearance being SO ESSENTIAL has it's own pitfalls. She may be your princess but the world out there has princesses competing to be the QUEEN. DISNEY princesses live in Disney land, not in real life. She can't be a prom queen , she can't live a prom queen forever. But what if you have also played a part in making her believe so? Are you responsible for raising a desperate teen? “People who received a great deal of attention for their looks at a young age are more likely to opt for cosmetic procedures when older. It’s the same in business.”  ― Scott Galloway Dear Scott- And its the same with LIFE. As parents if we raise our children looking inwards, the character rather than the appearance, the process rather than ONLY the product, the journey rather than JUST THE destination, in my opinion we will have some truly rock-solid kid

Surf Excel Hai Na!

The afternoon today arrested me in a wet or not to wet. Downpours are a rare phenomenon here or perhaps not. In my two years, I have seen the rain play more of a chess( whenever it comes during the year) rather than soccer. Today afternoon, soccer it was, at the most opportune time- the pick-up time of my son. Being a bike rider, I did not take the risk of holding the umbrella with one hand and riding with another. The chances are dismal, almost NIL that I will meet Shahrukh Khan on my way. No point. Chuck, it. The big jumbo umbrella, I must say, whoever invented that size must have had a big family, came for my rescue and I started with a bang. Leggings pulled up a little above the knees, house keys shoved inside the pocket and Adidas shoes for extra grip and protection (considering age ;)) Few steps away and what stood in front of me was streams of tiny river all over. I love America. It was officially dismissal time, so the walking trail was

My Father... your Father

  “My father used to say...” I have a love-hate-don't' know-don't care- back to care- back to love- now addicted to him and  love ever after (early childhood- teens- post teens- marriage and ever after) relationship with my father. The hate period( shit! Hate...really? Ya:((((() started around teens and lingered on for a while till I became a mom. Phew! That’s long. He came from a village, a humble family background and made it to IIT and Tata Steel on his own. When people cover such vast expanse of distance, on their own, by the sweat of their brow and a will of titanium, they  choose to sit and sleep on the floor with an I-phone in their hand. That’s the degree of their equilibrium. Adolescents will find it difficult to fathom the how and why of this equilibrium. Some would even mock and ridicule, rebel and shun. I do not blame them. Hormones are tricksters you see. Later, when you look backwards, that you get to connect the dots. There is something mag