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Namrata is an award-winning Blogger, an Author, a Creative Writing  Coach, and a Life Coach. She is a contributing author and an essayist to some of India's leading platforms- Literoma, Women's Web, Women's Era, Kitaab International, Readomania, Momspresso, ArtoonsInn, Penmancy, and more. She has four books to her credit- No Apologies by Women's Web, Lovers and Losers by Momspresso, Immortality by Chinmaya Publications, and I am what I am again by Chinmaya Publications. Namrata has penned over a hundred short stories in a variety of genres with complex characters, showcasing women navigating a milieu that militates against their quest for independence, identity, equality, and dignity. Exposing the fragility of the human condition, Namrata's stories strike an instant chord because it strings together relatable, rooted characters. Her essays are evocative, her satires hard-hitting, her articles on meaningful parenting are informative, and the ones on leading a meaningful life are a balm for the aching soul. 

her character Nayantara or Naina, Chanda Pandey, or Mrs.Tuli- in the years gone by, readers have showered her stories immense love and appreciation.

In her own words- "I write about them because I feel their voice in my head and their stories flow through my veins and puncture my heart. They are obscure faces on the canvas of life, the muted colors-grayed, dulled, desaturated- their voice not more than a mutter, a mumble, or a  murmur and their skin washed with a combination of Lifebouy and Hamam. However, their dreams are glittery, the kind of fairy dust and Hanukkah candles, and their hope like spider's silk- Darwin's bark spider of Madagascar. They are faces easily forgotten, they are faces one can never forget- depends on who is looking at them and, their stories lodge in my heart long after they are gone. I write for the invisible and the ordinary, sitting on the pavement, and in the general class bogie, I write for the broken, the tangled, the trespasser, and the vagrant. I write for me and I write for you because I know- in each one of us houses a tiny Naina, Nayantara, Mrs.Tuli, or  Chanda Pandey."

The story 'The Error Of Hope' with over 500K views in a span of two days still remains close to her heart. A week back, another story 'Hoodwinked' has been selected for the International Symposium on Women and Literature.

Namrata did her Bachelor's and Master’s in Psychology specializing in Organizational Behavior from Lady Shri Ram, New Delhi, followed by Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur. She did her Coach Intensive Training from the CaPP Institute, Atlanta, the United States. She comes with rich, successful, and decorated corporate experience in India spanning a decade with giant corporates and a diversified HR role. Later, she plunged into helife's calling'- writing and teaching. Dedicated to small batches of students, Namrata believes in shepherding them through the process of imagination and writing. She also moonlights as a Life Coach and has been providing pro bono services during the pandemic. 

The wordsmith adds- "I teach because I write. To say I was born to be a writer is the unvarnished truth of my life. As cliché as it gets, the talent undoubtedly lies in my genes; coming from the illustrious, revered academician, bureaucrat, advocate, scholar, and writer- Late Shri. Ramashish Singh- MY GRANDFATHER. 

My husband and I grew up in India and currently live in California, The United States, with our son.

A grandfather who blessed me with his genes and a foster father -late Mr.Raju Raghavan who believed in my talent when I faltered; I owe it all to them.
My stories have garnered innumerable awards and honors, the details of which you can find here.
Last but not the least, I owe my knowledge, skills, and capabilities to my teachers and the wonderful books that have illuminated my path, my life, and made me realize my Purpose. I have four teachers who stay in my mind every moment of my waking life- Dr. Alpana Chalil, Dr. Vasantha Patri, Dr. Anand Prakash, and Dr. Aruna Broota. I can never thank them enough for teaching me what was not there in the pages of a book."

Email – singhn2020@gmail.com

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