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I am an Author, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, a Creative Writing Coach and a Positive Psychology Coach, dedicated to helping people move from 'surviving to thriving' in every area of life. I received my formal coach training from The CaPP Institute, Atlanta, known for its finest coach training and positive psychology program in the world approved by International Coach Federation (ICF).  I am known through my writings on Meaningful Parenting, Mindful Eating and Leading a Meaningful Life on Four Clover Life. I am a contributing author/essayist/columnist/Storyteller to some of India's leading online platform--------Women's WebReadomaniaMyCity4KidsBlogAdda and contribute extensively to various parenting forums. I am  currently putting final touches to my maiden novel which shall be published soon. 
I teach because I write. To say I was born to be a writer, is the unvarnished truth of my life. As cliché as it gets, the talent undoubtedly lies in my genes; coming from the illustrious, the revered academician, bureaucrat, advocate, scholar and writer- Late Shri. Ramashish Singh- MY GRANDFATHER. 
My husband and I grew up in India and currently live in California, The United States, with our son.

A grandfather who blessed me with his genes and a foster father -late Mr.Raju Raghavan who believed in my talent when I started to falter; I owe it all to them.

My stories have garnered innumerable awards and honors, the details of which you can find here.

Last but not the least, I owe my knowledge, skills, and capabilities to my teachers and the wonderful books that have illuminated my path, my life and made me realize my Purpose. I have four teachers who stay in my mind every moment of my waking life- Dr. Alpana Chalil, Dr. Vasantha Patri, Dr. Anand Prakash and Dr. Aruna Broota. I can never thank them enough for teaching me what was not there in the pages of the book.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, India
A Master’s degree in Psychology specializing in Organizational Behavior from Delhi University.  
 Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur.
A rich, successful and decorated corporate experience spanning a decade with giant corporates and a diversified HR role. Yes, I experienced the corporate well before plunging in my passion.
Coach Intensive Training from the CaPP Institute, Atlanta, the United States.

·      I am a voice over artist. I write my poems both in Hindi and English language, narrate and recite them. My friends fall back on me when they have a special occasion in their life.
·      I always carry a book in my hand (or in my mind) wherever I go, I have a bad habit of binge reading and prefer the pages of books over Kindle.
·      To me, a guitar is the most romantic musical instrument...courtesy Bollywood.
·      I am addicted to Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh ,Gulzar’s and Nida Fazli’s poetry and gazals.
·      I am one of two children and my brother is just a year older than me. He is a journalist and sometimes travels in knee deep water to cover the flood situation is East India.
·      I’m a painter and a craft person too. I like all DIY projects to decorate my home and my life.
·      I love the Kajal(Kohl) in my eyes. It is my favorite makeup and I try not to let them leave my eyes.
·      I have been to 15 states of India courtesy my Human Resource role.
·      I prefer Android over iPhone.
·      The very sight of flowers perks me up.
·      I love my daily cuppa of chai with my husband.
·      I coined the name of my son and I feel very proud of it.
·      I read people's mind without their permission :)
·      Most importantly, GRATITUDE is not an option for me. It's a necessity for my being.

Email – singhn2020@gmail.com

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