Suryanamaskar-Zero investment, Maximum returns in 15 minutes.

A flat tummy is a joyful tummy.

Being a writer-I get to sit more than I walk. :(

I belong to that category of women who are a not fitness freak but fitness conscious.I prefer eating healthy, drinking healthy and staying fit and not necessarily in perfect shape.

I also belong to that category of women who are forever juggling between home, work, kid, husband, friends and 'self'. Am also one of those who is addicted to 'basics’ of life and crave for simple basic things which can help.Then be it home remedies for hair growth or cold and cough or decorating the DIY way with strewn acorns or EXERCISE.I would any day choose mother earth and my body rather than hit a gym.
Do I consider myself a fit person? No. But I try every day to do the right things for my body and mind and my soul too.
This is one regime that I have been doing for a decade now. Of late I keep missing it because of my newfound interest in a brisk walk for 30 mins daily which burns 100 calories for me.
I don't get very ambitious with exercise because I know keeping up with it is difficult.The motivation, the effort and the time are all scarce resources. Hence I tryto keep it short but CONSISTENT.
Here also I would keep it short and simple.
What is it?
Literal meaning Sun Salutation. A form of yoga.
How is it done?
What is the taken for one round?
How many rounds?
12 for weight management and trying for a flat tummy. Please remember that for fat to burn from anywhere, calories need to burn. Slow yoga postures give body lots of flexibility but for burning calories, one has to
Calories burnt?
One round of Surya Namaskar comprises of 12 postures. That burns up to 14 calories. Normally one is supposed to do two rounds which are 24 yoga postures. When one does 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar that mean 288 yoga postures in about 12-15 mins of time frame. This, therefore, becomes an excellent cardiovascular exercise and a full exercise for the entire body.
Studies have found that in a 30 minutes’ beach volleyball an individual burns 265 calories, tennis burns-232 calories and running 414 calories and Surya Namaskar burns 420 calories.
How many calories in a week?
Woman-31-50 year of age
1 pound of fat is = 3,500 calories.
If you have to lose 1-2 pounds in a week, one has to burn 3500 calories in a week which is around 500-800 calories a day more per day than you consume. Suryanamaskar, therefore, becomes one effective form of exercise in a span of 12-15 minutes when done properly.
Also, not to forget that we burn calories why sleeping too. An average person while sleeping burns around 500 calories. Study show that an average person of weight 150 lb burns around 63 calories in an hour of sleep. That means for a seven-hour adult sleep one burns 441 calories in one night.
Additionally,You can do these for flat tummy-All exercises or asanas which put pressure on the belly part is good. From crunches to burpees to jumping jacks to cycling while lying down, all put pressure on the belly area and that's what we want to reduce. I shall be talking about two that I regularly do.
  • Left Toe touching with a right hand and vice versa. This can be practiced while sitting down or standing up. Excellent exercise for tummy fat.
  • Placing palms upside down near the chest and bringing thigh up one at a time and touching the palms.
Things to remember-
  • One should start yoga in empty stomach or-or have four hours gap between a meal and yoga.
  • Empty bladder and bowel are recommended hence early morning is preferred for Surya Namaskar.
  • Wearing loose fitting clothes for both men and women is essential.
  • People with any kind of ailment should consult their physician before starting any form of exercise or yoga. That goes for pregnant wome.n Yoga should neither be done on the hard floor or soft bed. A yoga mat on the hard floor or a sheet on the soft earth is a good idea.
  • For beginners, they should not do 12 round the very first day. Do not overstrain yourself. Do only two rounds followed by some breathing exercises.
  • Gradually increase your rounds. Do not overstrain yourself. If you feel that a particular posture is feeling uncomfortable release yourself immediately.
  • Try attaining the posture with gradual ease and not with a jerk. After getting into a pose, if you feel out-of-breath or feel the pain of any sort, release it immediately release yourself. If the problem persists, see a doctor without delay.
Good Habits
  • Start your day with a glass of water and Vitamin C C(half a lemon).
  • Try to drink 8 glass of water during the 24 hours’ period. Staying hydrated is good for body, hair and skin.
  • Don't skip breakfast.
  • Try to cook at home and limit restaurant trips.
  • Try to cook meals which are fiber and plant based and go slow with anything with has saturated and trans-fat, high cholesterol and sodium levels.
  • Though household chores do not burn many calories but they keep you active and that's important. I don't miss my household chores and get the benefit of having a well-organized neat home.
  • Pray.
For more information on Suryanamaskar and its poses please visit


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