A Meaningful Life- I don't want Sunday a holiday for myself- Its not about < ,> or = in a family.

I do my bit and you do your bit. Each 'BIT' counts. Each  'BIT '  is valuable in a family. I know you are around and you know I am there...doing our 'BIT'.

"My family is not my employer. My family is beyond weekdays and weekends and vacations.My family is beyond salary slips and I-cards.And what I do for my family is no 'job'. "

Whatever I do for my family, I do for my 'JOY'. Trust.It gives me pure joy to see them all taken care of. 

As far as my rest is concerned and their share of responsibility, I don't need a special day for it.  Their share of love, affection, and care are there for me every day.Because when I close the kitchen and switch off the light at 11 pm at night, I see my husband toiling on his con calls, his shoulders dropping with exhaustion. My 3-year-old is sleeping soundly after doing his 'clean up' of toys. If I am doing laundry on Saturday, my husband is busy running around to get the week's grocery.If I am cleaning up the patio on Sunday, I see him giving a bath to our son and feeding him.
"We all are working every moment for our family."

And on Sundays-We all go out to eat. :)

It's not always necessary to put me on a pedestal and make my contribution sound so lofty, virtuous and extraordinary. I do my bit and he does his bit. We shouldn't get into whose bit is better, bigger or more important. A lot of men are absolutely wonderful in the way they conduct themselves as husbands. They are life partner in the real sense of the term. They are doing everything to get that bread on the table and so are we. Weekends only mean a holiday for him from his work, not his family. Then why me?

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  1. It looks like someone else is giving words to my thoughts and feelings.

  2. Awwsumm blog.Nowadays responsibilities in marriage are divided..it is not a compulsion..rather it is something which has naturally happened for some of us :)


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