Sine qua non

In a world of ephemeral, or what we also know as MAYA(largely rooted in the Indian philosophical concept of Māyā, Maya means "illusion"), the loss feels real; the loss feels permanent. How? Why?

"How does it feel to wake up to the Date Palms
its shamrock fingers wrapped in marigold rays
Does it leave its hue on the busy canvas
a magic that visits you every day.
To the bells of church and kinder songs
and cinnamon wafting from the rolls that rise
a bakery of hope to hold you strong
you look forward to the familiar surprise.
The lullaby of the placid waves
as you sleep with the Pacific in your eyes
Does it rock you to a world so far
Where dreams and desires crystallize.
And yet, the palms, the waves, the bells that ring
Is winter forever without your spring
for when you lose the one you loved
you lose a piece, your everything.
and that is just how love operates
and that is how loss communicates
the canary song that once felt so right
mourns silently in the charcoal night. "

Image courtesy-Pixabay


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