There is something about HOME

It is the way some evenings welcome themselves into our life. Some are enveloped in the shade of deep orange and some in clear blue sky with white clouds floating like cotton balls; some are wrapped in darkness with no stars to twinkle and a pale dark blue blanket all over. And, some are washed in the moonlight, shining so bright that it becomes difficult to differentiate the day from the night.
In every way, evenings are my favorite. The day is too bright for me and the nights too dark. What makes me feel comfortable are the silken evenings. Or maybe there is something more to that. Evenings I guess, symbolize 'return.' It's reassuring to see the birds fly back to their nest as we wait to get back to ours.

The children, gleefully playing in the green parks, bathed in sweat, look forward to going back to their homes where their mothers wait with bated breath. They shall be washed and scrubbed and made to sit and study in their warm beds. Somewhere, old melodies play, making wives anxious for their husbands to return home... safe. At another traffic light junction, a mom stares at the red light, waiting for it to turn green and excited to go back to her children and hug them.
The pressure cooker whistle blows, and the aroma spreads all over, creating the magic of home. The moment it hits the senses while climbing the staircase that people realize the familiar smell of the food, the crackling noise of their little ones, the loving smile of their wives, the warmth of their parents, the cushiness of their sofas in the living room, the warm water in the geyser, a cup of hot ginger tea, the bathing towel neatly lying next to the shower, the lamp lit on the altar of God, the big clock ticking and stealing our life away. It's so good to be back to all that is, and all shall forever be our comfortable space where love resides in abundance and where every face is reminiscent of a deep bond, a bond that is the very essence of our existence.
The TV soap operas are at their emotional peak as the dough gets prepared and the women folk rush to finish off the chapatti bit until the break lasts. Somewhere from the other room, one can hear the sound of a battle between two siblings as they come rushing to their father for justice. The breaking news keeps breaking hopes and dreams of a bright and peaceful tomorrow. The breeze is turning into a chill wind, and the clock just announced that it's dinner time. A family that prays together stays together. And, it is also true that a family that eats together their hearts beat together as well.
A glass of hot milk follows as children are carried to their rooms, and lullabies start. It's good to have people on whom you can shower your affection. It’s when you have children that you realize how much one can
selflessly and unconditionally love. Just how much you have within you to give and give. For older children, the evening has just started. Messages of
friends, tweets and Whatsapp all have to be responded to. The school /college assignments, exam preparations seem to overshadow the need to talk a little more to that special someone who made the young heart go fluttering wild. Do they understand love? Do they really need to? This is the age when life is lived one beat at a time thinking about her. Good to be at that stage. Every life stage is as interesting as the one gone by or as the one coming by.

The lights are getting switched off one by one. The doors and windows are checked for security by the male members, and the women folks are clearing away the dishes, putting the house in order. The night is finally in. The world is slipping into a deep slumber. The mind, the body, and the soul need rest, for tomorrow, a new day awaits. There is a silence that befalls. No traffic noise now seems to be heard apart from distant patrolling cops, the humdrum of activities has stopped completely, the trees are at peace gently swaying as if enjoying the serenity of life, the pitter-patter of rain seems to be falling gently on the window panes, and the world finally goes to sleep.

She is on her way to the bedroom after switching off the kitchen lights and he meets her just there in the corridor. The glance they share speaks volumes. For a husband and a wife who have a nest that they have built bit by bit, they seem content that the day went well, that life is secure, and that tomorrow shall be as beautiful today. They retreat to their bedroom
hand in hand with a silent prayer on their lips.

For her, evenings are for him. And all that he brings with himself. She loves him immensely, and the truth reverberates within her with each passing breath. He doesn't express much, for he is a man of very few words, but she means the world to him. Cliche? Haha...Sometimes, it is as simple as that.

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