You MUST raise your children right

A willow grows on my head 

Surrounded by patchy buckthorns and crabgrass

Their roots penetrate and prick my aortas

In the background, we play masks and plexiglass


A haircut would do me a world of good

I have let them grow way too wild

 Stereotypes and Prejudices cling to the grime

In the background, the power struggle refuse to reconcile



They tangle easily and snag at the bottom

Split ends caused by hatred, resentment, and abuse

When did we start to devour each other

In the background, we play 'which color do you ‘choose'


Pediculosis Capitis ravages through the scalp

The pieces of broken dreams continue to pelt

It gnawed a large  part of  our identity and grace

In the background, the Alaskan glaciers melt. 


White dandruff flakes abound all over

Hope suffocates as we itch in dark

We let a lot fall through the cracks these years

In the background, flicker the mutinous sparks. 


 We all need a hairdo and some introspection

Some trimming and chopping the weed away 

Clearing up the jungle that we foolishly tended

For a better tomorrow and today

Each day the nation promises to rise again

Right from the heap of mangled pain

Though familiar tune, you may choose not to bother

Pause and look closely; each moment is different from the other

I wait eagerly for that breakthrough

Where I can happily be I and You can happily be You

Let our vows to each other renew

Lets our nation start fresh, start anew

But before I go, I have  a thought to share

You have the biggest role, please plan and prepare

A nation where each palm holds a slice of the light 

Such nations are built by parents who raise their children right


 The first time they  bite, the first time they trigger a fight

The first time they suffer defeat, the first time tempted to cheat

The first time they refuse to accept, in somebody's else's shoes, they step

The first time they resort to blame, make others cry by calling  names

Holds their hands and guide their words 

To integrity and compassion, you shepherd

A country is never one man's creation

It is all of us who build a nation

You are the Character-building workshop of your child

You are his Leadership Webinar

You are his Team Management textbook

You are his only Polestar. 

If you don't get it done right at home,

No place on earth anybody else can

He sees you, he watches you, he emulates you

You are his best bet, his perfect game plan.


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