Booking Nail Spa - for my 8-year-old daughter

You take your little girl to a nail spa, a blow-dry, or buy her fancy dress for every party she attends, the idea of external appearance being SO ESSENTIAL has its own pitfalls. She may be your princess but the world out there has princesses competing to be the QUEEN. DISNEY princesses live in Disney land, not in real life. She can't be a prom queen, she can't live a prom queen forever. But what if you have also played a part in making her believe so? Are you responsible for raising a desperate teen?

“People who received a great deal of attention for their looks at a young age are more likely to opt for cosmetic procedures when older. It’s the same in business.” 
― Scott Galloway

Dear Scott- And it's the same with LIFE. As parents, if we raise our children looking inwards, the character rather than the appearance, the process rather than ONLY the product, the journey rather than JUST THE destination, in my opinion, we will have some truly rock-solid kids, unshakable by vicissitudes of life, unperturbed by the inessential fluff and having an unwavering faith in the self and the power of the self. You see, what you focus on is what you become.

You may turn back, pop your eyes out of your head and ask- What about the friends she has?  How do you control the environment? I mean when all her friends are doing it, can we be behind? 

Hmm. Point taken. I have a big 'BUT' here. BUT, if you as a parent, the constant presence in your child's life show an INWARD attitude in life, the exterior will be pressing, significant, and a thing for life but not THE ONLY THING. You by being inward, you are providing her with a latitude to think and behave and not necessarily JUST FOLLOW THE QUEEN. 

Emphasize on the character and not just the personality, the vision, not just the eyes, the truth and not just the lips, the integrity and not just the beauty... 
For this can you  STOP BEING A SELFIE MOM.

Click on the link to read a story straight from NDTV. I found it insightful. Bullying is not an India Vs USA thing. It's everywhere...everywhere where outward is valued more than the inward and it would require nothing less than a revolution to change the state of affairs. The first step starts from your home. I have never been more sure.

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