Why should you care about a Meaningful Life?

Because in the end, we will be reduced to a small box of Calcium PhosphateThis consciousness of mortality is the very start of leading a meaningful life.

And a meaningful life is not necessarily a happy one(the way the world describes happiness). It's about being at peace with yourself, the choices you made in your life, respecting those choices, and standing by them with your head held up high. We are regular people with regular thoughtsbeliefs, and attitudes, and dilemmas. Some of them are stereotypical in nature, and some our own creations stemming from our own sense of inadequacy.

We get carried away, land up making unfair comparisons, and have a flawed worldviewWe forget that we are imperfectly unique people, each with our own journeyIt's only us who understand our journey and what goes in traversing it. We have forgotten to respect ourselves first before respecting anyone around us. We have forgotten to live our lives because we are so busy living the life of ‘others.’ It is here that I want to INTERRUPT.

Because we were born with a SELF which came first...much before we encountered others. This 'Self' needs to be at peace. This 'note to self' will remind you of our regular everyday choices and how those choices affect our emotional well-being and me.

Drawing from my long-standing Psychology background, my own inclinations towards Positive Psychology, and exploring 'a meaningful life' I stand here to help reduce the cognitive dissonance (the inconsistency in our attitudes and behaviors which creates an uncomfortable state of being) and advocate a life where we are at peace with our self.

Positive Psychology has made a deep impact on the way I look at life. This field is about the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. It is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, cultivate what is best within themselves, and enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. I shall write along these lines...along the lines of positivity, strengths, meaning, and optimism.


  1. I hope many teachers n parents read this blog... coz the comparison starts from the childhood.... most kids, when they grow up they forget how unique they r.coz they never knew it... as were never given a chance to be unique....


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