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Nutrition and Health Nugget- HDL -The good fat needed for our body-Taking control of Cholesterol

Have you gone for a full body check up? There are four health numbers which tells us how healthy or not healthy we are.
Blood Pressure-Which we have already covered in previous articles. The other three are Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and BMI or Body Mass Index.
HDL is good fat which should be higher than LDL. The Cholesterol and HDL ration should be
The actionables in 'mindful eating ' includes - Raising HDL-Eating more fruits and vegetables and the good fat found in avocados,fish and walnuts. Fruits-Avocados,apples.(Be cautious with the serving since fruits have their portion of natural sugar too). All kinds of beans and legumes(Kidney beans,Chickpeas,lentils,red beans,black beans etc). Whole grain anytime every time-Bread or flour. Shift from whole milk to reduced fat or fat free. Some people also add water to their half glass of milk and then drink.Better than having 1 glass of whole milk. Mediterranean diet has gained considerable attention in today's time particularly because of…

Mindful Eating- Choco-Chip Cookies-The goodness of almonds,flax seeds and wholewheat

With my little one in life, the more the homemade the better. So myself and my husband started baking cakes and cookies and snack items for him. While they are still loaded with butter and sugar we try to add our bit of healthy ingredients and make it better for him...taste wise and health wise.
This recipe is straight out of our love to let our little one munch on a whole whet cookie and not use all-purpose flour at all. Coupled with almond powder which we ground at home and ground flax seeds this cookie is a definite delight. A must try.
Preparation Time-30 mins (included the time taken to shape the cookies and put them on sheet)
Cook time-10 mins
Total time-40-45 mins.
Serves- around 35-40 cookies of medium shape.
2 cups whole wheat flour ½ cup brown sugar
½ cup unsalted butter ½ cup almond powder and flax seed powder
1tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
½ cup semi sweet choc chips
THE HOW? Heat oven to 375ºF.
Take a big wide bowl. Mi…

Mindful Eating- Namakpaare- The goodness of whole wheat and flaxseeds

Namakpaare has been existing in our homes since our grandma's time. I added a little twist to it so that the flax seeds benefits find a way into my little one's tummy while he munches on this snack item. It’s important to note that I have used whole wheat flour(atta) for this snack. Normally it is made out of all-purpose flour(maida) which is not my favorite, though. I thought to give this snack a whole wheat treatment :)
Cuisine - Indian Preparation time – 20 mins Cook time-1 hour Total time-1.5 hours Recipe- Snacks Serves - 500 gms of namakpaare
2 cup of whole wheat flour ½ cup of ground flaxseeds 2 tsp of carom seeds Salt to taste
¼ tsp of baking powder
3 tsp oil while we are making the dough. Water as needed. Oil to fry.
THE HOW? Take all the ingredients in a wide container. Mix the flour well with salt, flaxseeds, carom seeds and oil. Ensure that no lumps are formed. Add water and knead a firm but a smooth dough. Make five big portions of the dough into a flat ball shape.
Take ea…

Omega 3 fatty acids-The wonder of Flaxseeds.

I will be honest here. I had no idea about Omega 3 fatty acids. It's just when my son was born that I started hearing from the pediatrics just how important omega 3 fatty acids are. Then my own reading started for providing for my son the best possible and thus I came to an understanding about Omega 3 fatty acids.
In a layman's language - This is one good and important fat for the body which it cannot make itself and hence has to rely on food sources from outside. It basically a form of fatty acids which helps in keeping the brain healthy and avoiding cardiovascular diseases and lowering triglycerides.For growing children, it helps in their brain development.
Research has shown that Omega three has been linked to a variety of benefits ranging from eye function to certain behavioral and psychological well-being too. While these are part of various studies with varying degree of success, what is important to note is that it is an essential nutrition for the kids and adults and we …

Avacado Burger Delight-Recipe

My recipes are a twist- a healthy, delightful twist. This Sunday I tried an avocado burger with broccoli oats cutlet in between. My son is new to these fast food jargon. He is four years old and I have raised him on basic daal (lentil), Rice, vegetables ,Rice Pudding, chapatti kind of diet. Am glad he likes all that. A week back, he returned from his preschool and requested me to make PURGER. He had seen his friend eat and I explained to him that it called a BURGER.
I thought to give the usual burger a twist and make it for him. For sure I wanted to introduce this food at home and not buy him from outside. That's just me. :) And this, today we landed up having this for breakfast. I am putting down the recipe for the same.
Cuisine - International Preparation time – 20 mins Cook time-25 mins
Total time-2 hours (includes the time taken in shaping the cutlets) Recipe- Snacks Serves - 4
For cutlet
2 medium sized boiled potatoes 5 medium size florets of broccoli 1 cup of oats ½ tsp aamchur…

What you must do this winter season for your child.

Help boost their immune system.
Winters are knocking and we better get prepared. While its festival and holiday time both in India and United States, let's also give some thought to living healthy and living natural this winter season and many more to come. Let’s look at some small, everyday healthy practices which can go a long way in making them stronger and their immune system better.
For age 3 and above The immune system is everything. In layman’s terms- It’s our defense system to protect us against all kinds of diseases. It detects and distinguishes between pathogens, virus and parasitic worms (all that make us ill) and our own healthy tissues. It goes without saying that a healthy functioning immune system can go a long way in keeping ourselves and our children safe.
A newborn’s immune system is not nearly as effective as an adult’s or even an older child’s. Many a times we see babies and toddlers falling sick more often than older kids and adults. That’s because their immune …