Life- Let's have a party tonight.

Make peace with  life, shake hands and say a hello,
having fought enough, let's negotiate on this desk,
you uncover a basket of offerings,
and I get mine to seal the deal.

You gift me moments of joy and happiness,
I shall pour my smile and gratitude to you.
The hurt and pain that you will hurl at me,
Inevitable that they are, I shall fear not,
taking it in my fold
I  saute it with some patience and perseverance
and hang on...till I see the day.

You bless me with success and accomplishments,
and I learn to fly with my feet planted on the ground.
For the failures and debacles that you will agonize me with,
I promise to rebound with fortitude.

Some heat waves of despair and shivers of worry,
will also envelop me with changing season,
I will cradle you in the warm sunlight of hope,
through the creek of my broken window.

An uninvited guest of fear and mistrust,
that you shall get to my home one day,
I welcome you both on this couch,
and pour hot coffee of faith and trust.

Some courier someday I shall receive,
to crush my heart with bitter words,
afflict my soul with what people say
humiliate my being with ‘comparisons.’
Hey life, you have got it wrong,
for this is addressed to me I know,
but this shall be returned right away,
they are not needed, not required,
for I respect myself a lot more.

For whatever I am, and whatever I am not
I shall neither crib nor complain,
I answer ‘myself’ every time I am doubted upon,
and choose to respect those who cannot.

I am here to negotiate,
and bargain well for everything I buy from you,
for I choose to live you in peace and harmony,
this is no race, and we both aren't competing.

Neither follow nor overtake
I want to join hands and walk parallel
no arms do I carry, no ammunition for my cover
we are in no war
Life is no warfare
what use is it to die bruised?
….lets have a party tonight.

Image courtesy-Pixabay


  1. "This is no race and we both aren't competing; Neither follow nor overtake...I want to join hands and walk parallel".
    Please allow me to compliment that you have an awe-inspiring writing skills. Very thoughtfully written. Unfortunately, very few people realize it in this materialistic world. I really hope this verse becomes a true reality oneday than being just a verse and bring together common hearts. It certainly would change the definition of friendship and add more meaning to it.
    An appalaudable write up!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Am glad you liked it. I am trying to live it.


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