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The Predicament called LIFE- by Kamna Kaushal- Guest post

In the face of adversity, do we continue living or give it up? Hang on- Can we really give up ‘living’?  Is living and withstanding the grim and crushing times, the real testament to our existence as human beings? Does it determine if we are survivors? Let’s try and figure it out- I had set up a goal for myself, I tried hard, real hard to achieve it, but guess what- I couldn’t accomplish it. What does that make me? A loser who fought and yet failed at it or a survivor who fought, tried hard, displayed immense patience and perseverance, and still failed at it.  Come to think of it, while we are grappling and enduring the trying times, don’t we succumb to our infirmities and the miseries and fail countless times? Despite all of that- What keeps us going? Hope? Nah- that sounds too blasé. Well! The question still remains a question. Your life in the context of the world seems like a dullsville!  The unflinching mortal spirit acts like a gravity- and th