The Choice- The story of Calcium Phosphate

I am calcium phosphate, grayish in color and coarse to touch; 16 hours before, I was fair in color and soft to feel Strewn over river Ganges, my pulverized self floats up and down, 16 hours before, I was floating up and down too My newborn grandchild, with deep blue eyes and apple cheeks, Cradled in my arms, as I floated with joy, up and down. I am calcium phosphate, and I weigh around 6 pounds now, My name and identity have changed as I hear them calling me 'ashes' and ‘remains’ They say it took me 2.5 hours to convert, and my 65 years of the story ended forever. Today a handful of me lies in a container; Yesterday, I could gather life in my arms and have rendezvous with dreams of all kinds. I look back now... distantly, I realize, That the journey from ' abundance ' to ' remains' is shorter than we think That the journey from ' someone ' to ' no-one' is far too fleeting than we think, And yet we ride all our life, cogitating about our imperishable self, Till we transform to ashes and lament on all that could have been. Now that I am no more I wonder about the choices I had when I lived Had I known that I would be gone, Wouldn't have I loathed less and loved more, spoken less, and listened more Expected less, gave more, hurt less and forgive more. Out of the bondage of the past and dwellings of the future, In the shelter of ‘today,' I would have found peace Out of the enslavement of ‘Me’ and ‘My,’ I would have resided in the safe harbor of ‘US.’ I would have let ‘life’ happen to me, rather than letting ‘me’ happen to life, Controlled it less and flowed with it more, suspected it less, and believed in it more. The irony is and always will be that while we live, we die every day When we die… We cannot choose to live again.

Image courtesy-Pixabay.


  1. Beautiful expression of what "A Life" is...absolutely speechless! I call this some extremely rich writing.

    "Had I known that I would be gone, I would have loved more, lived more, spoken less, listened more, Expected less, gave more, hurt less and forgive more"...Wow...

    I have been trying to do this for sometime now and I hope to pursue this as far as I live.

    1. I have been trying to do this myself...this eternal truth keeps me grounded...on earth and not dance with arrogance drunk with nectar of beauty and success. It helps me to stay away from heavy perfumes and cultivated accents to hide what I am not. THOU SHALL PASS Anwita. Am glad you liked.


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