Friday, 22 December 2017

May your TIME FLY in 2018

If my words had the power to change the course of your life, if my wishes had the fervor to come true, if my prayers had the magic to get answered, I would wish you a busy, very busy new year ahead.

I have often heard people deplore, 'Oh! how time flies' coupled with a sense of sentimentality, bathos, and a bit of melodrama too. 

What happens when this time flies?

A new job becomes old, newlywed become regular couple, newborn starts walking, new neighborhood becomes friendly, new accomplishments becomes used to and new maidservant starts showing tantrums.

This must be among the best-known, most-often- referred idiom on the planet. Several generations of mankind have turned it into a piece of Hallmark happy-child started walking, 1st,10th or 50th wedding anniversary, retirement farewell speech puffery. 'How time flies' is not learnt. We acquire it subtly, and produce our version of it layered with nostalgia and mushiness.

One of the attractions of this idiom is its archetypal longing, one that we instantly recognize because each of us encounters it innumerable times, both literally and figuratively.

However, with all its misty eye features’, I am glad TIME FLIES and I WISH IT FLIES FOR YOU IN 2018 and throughout your life.

  • May you be so busy attending to what you can do, you can accomplish that you do not have moments of self-doubt engulf you.

  • May you be so engrossed in attending to the calling of your life that you do not have time to attend to what’s holding you back, so engaged in the conversations that uplift you, spread joy and positivity and there is no time to listen to toxic people who pull you down.

  • You don’t want to be summoned by everyday struggles? Oh! but I  wish you to be clocked up with regular life challenges- a leaking faucet, food in refrigerator rotten and forgotten, repair work of the car, struggles of dropping off and picking up of your kids, appraisal letter showing a not so expected increment, frustrations of a nagging wife and the like- You see, they just go to show you have a job, a shelter, children, marriage and life.

  • To be available to reaching out to the less privileged, not so fortunate that attending to fake and trivial becomes irrelevant.  Not everything spoken to you needs a response, let alone reaction.

  • Try not to be consumed by futility of passing judgements, attaching labels, concluding too soon. Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you- Confucius. 

  • You be so absorbed in tending to your family, near and dear ones and the bird who comes in your patio every day for bits of food, that there is no time to stop and vex yourself over the people who do not matter.

  • I earnestly wish you to be employed in updating to a better and brighter version of yourself, one small step, every day. To crib about life hassle's comes naturally, to appreciate that you are alive-------- to even crib ----------is an art.

  • May you be so immersed in attending to what happens in your house and relationship that you don’t get time to throw stones on people and their houses…glass or brick.

  • May your plate be full... overflowing for I know for sure that a full plate can be managed, prioritized, and handled but an empty plate is the scariest thing to have in the world.  Mind you it just looks empty but has the power to destroy your tranquility and blessedness. You see, having time in hand is a like owning an atom bomb. The old adage- empty mind is a devil’s workshop stands so true today. If left with an empty mind, this mind like a ruthless, autocratic master. It roams unleashed to wilderness where poisonous plants of comparison and envy, gossip and back biting, jealousy and animosity grow.


And to top it all, rule your thoughts with tyranny and dictatorship. I have never seen a worse master than our THOUGHTS. You let it loose and it rains mayhem. Make it your slave, choose the thoughts that facilitate your well – being. You leave the gate opened and serpents will enter your living room, pull out your favorite wine, take control over your TV and have merriment at your expense. CHHOSE WHAT YOU THINK AND THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I wish you all a busy year ahead... have an overflowing plate.


  1. New year wishes to you too! Hope your distinct wishes for everyone come true.. Which certainly means that if one has busy life, hectic job, kids classes n pickup drop.... One is actually LIVING life!! He or she is blessed with good life!
    And ultimately, I believe that if your plate is full, He, the creator knows that you are capable to finish it off!!

    1. Yes! capable to finish it off....aha..I love that line. have a great busy year ahead.



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